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Outfits As Affirmations. What Can A Parachute Overall Do For Us?

Angie Weihs October 2020

Fashion, Kuel Category Expert: Angie Weihs

For a moment I felt light and easy, plans and worries of the day fell off; I time traveled to an innocent fearless time playing skydiver as a kid. I had pulled up my parachute overall and the silky weightlessness was exactly what I needed.

suggestions of a parachute overall are to let go of mental burdens”

“Into the clouds,” my ten-year-old yelled and jumped from the highest playground structure onto the sand. A TV show about the adventures of skydivers inspired me to enact their adrenalin rushes. When you’re a kid, two cubic meters of air are a total thrill of free flow where nothing counts but the moment.

Outfits are storytellers but can also be therapists, when we chose them intuitively. We go for the feeling of the fabric or colors not following a plan, need, or any other preconceived notion. Being with it for a meditative couple minutes can detach us from mental constructs and change the day; maybe even the rest of this challenging year of 2020. The suggestions of a parachute overall are to let go of mental burdens and trust that whatever we do, we will land at the right spot and on our feet.

Parachute Nylon Overall Fashion:

parachute overalls

Many Of Us Need Fierce Lightness Fight Now.

Pink Parachute jumpsuit from Missguided is sold out.

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light blue parachute overalls

You can get the Joan Walter suit in turquoise at Etsy

Nylon parachute overalls can be stored for years without deteriorating, they are ageless.”

Silk and related modern synthetic fabrics like nylon are perfect to make us feel like butterflies. Parachute fabric jumpsuits or cargo pants add the fierce of skydivers and adventurers.

The first sky diving jumpsuits were made of natural silk in the pre-WWII era. It was fine silkworm silk woven into airtight fabric. Even when produced sustainably, silk production tortures the worms. That, and the added durability, made Nylon the better choice for parachutes and fashion followed. Nylon parachute overalls can be stored for years without deteriorating, they are ageless.

Parachute fabric is described as

  • Strong
  • Tear Resistant
  • Elastic
  • Permeable

When the metaphor fits; we need to be strong and resistant, but also flexible and still let other people in and situations happen with openness.

Loose fitting overalls let us move easily. They are stylish, but also practical like those used in skydiving and parachuting. Fashionable wide legged pants stuffed into our boots are a trend that says, ready and go! We can wear courage and determination like an affirmation on our skin and when we do it in loose fitting silk we are soft and fluid like ninjas.

Whatever we need, guidance, clarity, passion, purpose or personal power there is an outfit for that. Woke fashion helps us to make our point.

Norma Kamali jumpsuit


If you love the of the Norma Kamali jumpsuit and don’t want to spend $4000, vintage parachutes are a treasure for fashionistas who like to create their own styles. You can get yours below.

  • White.
  • Sage green.
  • White with original stenciled numbers

About the Author:

Angie Weihs is a fashion forward Instagram influencer. In nearly three years of outfit explorations, fashion evolved as a tool for awareness and empowerment. Women who embarked on a styling journey with her found confidence by discovering their ”real.”

Her upcoming memoir, “Maybe you should wear pink,” lets outfits talk and shows how to wear our souls on our sleeves so that the Universe can have our back. Reinventing ourselves during a worldwide pandemic is an unprecedented challenge. Angie’s goal is to let our style help us rethink, redefine, and re-feel our lives. And, provide the clarity and power we need to reinvent a broken world. You can follow Angie on Instagram at agelessrebelmagic.