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Over A 100 Women Voted Into House Of Representatives

KUEL women making history on election night

Our site is politically neutral, but as a woman I have to acknowledge the history made yesterday and give a shout out to all the women who won on election day.

“we’ve come a long way baby!”

As the old Virginia Slims tv commercial used to say, we’ve come a long way baby! It wasn’t that long ago that we women were fighting for the right to vote in this country. It’s been almost a 100 years, which sounds like a long time. Then, I realize, that our grandmothers were part of the movement that allowed me to go to the polls yesterday.

I know our grandmothers would be proud to see that women smashed so many records in this election cycle: the number of women who filed to run for office, the number of women who became their party’s nominees for Senate, House ,and Gubernatorial races, and even the number of women running against women in those election races. And most importantly, the number of women, over 100 of them, who won their races and are headed to Congress.

I am a firm believer that our country is better off when the voices of both genders are represented, heard ,and working for the good of all.

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