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Pardon Amy’s French As She Tells All – F The Blueprint

Amy Palmer Interview August 2023

Amy Palmer joins the roster of Kuel Life Thought Leaders as a voice for those “blueprint-breakers.”

After a lifelong struggle with feeling “outside” the societal norm and longing to live up to perceived expectations, Amy found peace, acceptance and joy as she embarked on her current entrepreneurial journey. Amy is the host and producer of the Blueprint Breakers podcast. She brings to light ways to show up in the world which are a bit out of the societal “norm.”

Amy celebrates women who are living their life “non-traditionally” in any way. She believes there is more than one way to do life! 

Let’s Welcome Amy Palmer:

KUELLIFE: What type of business do you own/run?

Amy: I am the producer, host, and facilitator for the Blueprint Breakers podcast. We celebrate midlife women and beyond, with a special spotlight on the lifestyle of “blueprint breakers”: those who are living a life outside the “typical”, “traditional” societal norm. I am also a digital creator, resource curator, connector, and author.

“The ongoing learning and risk-taking feeds my soul.”

KUELLIFE: What prompted you or drove you to become an entrepreneur? When?

Amy: This isn’t my first foray into entrepreneurship.Ten years ago I had a successful sales training and consulting business and then was recruited and seduced into a corporate role that was focused on growing schools and helping families and I could not resist! Alas, a year ago I admitted to myself that I have the heart and soul of an entrepreneur. I enjoy the freedom it brings and the creativity it requires. The ongoing learning and risk-taking feeds my soul.

Blueprint Breaker:

KUELLIFE: What’s your biggest struggle?

Amy: My biggest struggle has been navigating this current season of life. While I was not intentionally a “blueprint breaker”, finding my way and role in society when I have not followed the path I was “supposed to” (getting married and having kids) has been a challenge that has taken decades to figure out.

As I entered menopause, the issues I was having with aging differed from my sisters out there who are partnered or have kids. Even as I found resources to help with all the hurdles of aging, I didn’t find a place that represented me and my priorities.

As it turns out, my biggest struggle has transformed into my mission and purpose: I believe there is more than one way to do life joyfully and we all want to be seen, heard, understood, and represented. My mission is to get this message out there so that we help and support the next generation of women.

Downside Of Entrepreneurship:

KUELLIFE: What is your biggest fear as an entrepreneur? How do you work through it? 

“My biggest struggle has transformed into my mission and purpose.”

Amy: Argh! Finances! I love the safety and stability of a reliable paycheck. For me, this is the only downside of entrepreneurship. I work through this in a number of ways: staying deeply connected with faith, setting up processes and systems for recurring revenue, and reminding myself there is no limit to what I can earn as an entrepreneur.

KUELLIFE: How do you measure your success? 

Amy: My answer to this is vastly different than it would have been a few years ago. Success to me is to have the freedom and ability to enjoy quality time with the people I love, explore the world in all its beauty, and find the joy in just being.

KUELLIFE: Finally, what advice would you give other women about taking an entrepreneurial path? 

Amy: Do not be afraid to ask for help. Moreover, there will be areas where you are not the expert and it is worth seeking the advice and expertise of others. Invest in a coach or join an accountability group. Build your support network. Entrepreneurship can potentially be lonely, but I feel when it’s done in community, we all grow together.

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