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Parenting Adults Can Be Scary – Denise Is Here For It

Denise Drinkwalter Spotlight Interview 2023

Denise Drinkwalter is a sought-after international empowerment life coach who fully believes in the power of awareness, self-care, knowledge, and time.

Denise has been part of out Kuel Life Community for several years and after several conversations she graciously accepted a position on the Kuel Life Thought Leader Roster. With deep experience in helping women parent adult children, Denise brings her expertise, tips, and advice to Kuel Life  – monthly.

Let’s face it, this whole process – learning how to parent “adults” – is a tricky business. Any extra help we can get, I know is graciously accepted. Want to know a little bit more about this powerhouse and why she serves our Community?

A Little Insight Into Denise Drinkwalter:

1. What makes me feel alive?

Denise: There are two things that make me feel alive. Being in the presence of our grandchildren dancing, playing, observing, listening, snuggling, and connecting with them. The second most important aspect in life that makes me feel alive is dancing with my husband.

“Boundaries that stem from my core values work for me and for all those in my sphere of life.”

2. What habits, patterns, or beliefs are my greatest assets?

Denise: Staying calm and grounded knowing that “everything happens for a reason”. And most times we are never aware of the reason.

3. What boundaries work for me? Are there any I need to rethink?

Denise: Boundaries that stem from my core values work for me and for all those in my sphere of life. When new life experiences find their way to me, my boundaries can be challenged which is a great time to reflect and ensure that I am always being true to myself first.

Powerful Way To Re-Energize Myself:

4. What gives me energy and how do I energize other people?

Denise: Supporting people is what gives me energy; however, I have also begun to realize the power of sitting in silence as a powerful way to re-energize myself, which in the past was a huge depletion of energy for me.  I energize people by seeing their gifts and showing them what is possible for them by helping them change the lens through which they view their situations.  Showing people their own power and empowering them to see the possibilities that exist for them, now.

5. What is really most important to me?

Denise: Living life in the present and finding joy, calm, and inner peace that exists every day for me, by me, because of me. 

6. How do I create joy for myself?

Denise: To be quite honest I create joy for myself by sitting in silence and creating a vibrant scene in my head that creates an instant emotional rush of joy through my heart center. I have learned that doing this every day is the most powerful use of what exists within me and is not conditional on anyone or anything outside of me. Such a powerful and simple practice that has changed my life.  

7. How can I keep on evolving?

Denise: I believe and have always believed that I have a purpose here on earth and that is to continuously learn every single day. Once I stop learning I will stop evolving, and that will be when I take my last breath here on earth.

“Once I stop learning I will stop evolving, and that will be when I take my last breath here on earth.”

What Is Possible For Every Mom:

8. What legacy do I want to leave behind?

Denise: The legacy I want to leave behind is to have created an incredible resource support system where every Mom can access all they need to experience all that life is capable of giving them from deep within their heart center.

To be known as the Mom who was able to pave the way to show what is possible for every Mom when they put their love of life first and watch what happens when their energy changes, how all those surrounding them will change alongside them. The world will be a stronger. We will have more place where possibilities will be the norm. I want it to be less about “permission.” And it will no longer be something Moms wish for, doing something for you, by you, because of you will be the foundation for all.

9. Here are my top three PRO-AGING tips. This is how I “pro-age” in today’s world.


  1. Live life every day from my heart, remembering that life is short.
  2. Get curious when negative emotions surface, to understand the lesson that it is offering.
  3. Tap into the subconscious to clear past beliefs of aging when they arise.

Denise As A Kuel Life Thought Leader:

10. Why am I Kuel Life Thought Leader?

Denise: When I was asked to consider becoming a Thought Leader, it was a bit of a no-brainer for me because, in my previous career, there was a saying that always stuck with me. It only takes one person to make a difference, and you never know if you are that one person. If my words, my focus, my support, and/or my work can be the one glimmer of hope that “you” needed at this time in your life, it is my responsibility to share this in this incredible community that Jack has built. 

It truly is an honour and a privilege to be a Thought Leader in the Kuel Life community and one that I take on with love, commitment, and gratefulness from my heart. Thank you Jack Perez for this mission and for those who are here on this journey of life with us.

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