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Part Two: Fashion Top Secrets Revealed For Your Changing Body

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Fashion Fridays, Kuel Life Thought Leader: Tracy Gold

Print can be your best friend when you are going through body changes.

Many women think that wearing print will make them look bigger, but if worn correctly, it can do wonders to disguise the parts you aren’t crazy about. 

When you are going through body changes it’s tempting to hide under baggy clothes, hoping to ‘cover-up’ the ‘unacceptable’ parts of your body. It’s no surprise that we might feel embarrassed or ashamed about weight fluctuations because the fashion industry has fed us this garbage for so long. 

But covering up doesn’t work. In fact, it can make you look bigger! 

So if covering up doesn’t work, but you don’t want to wear tight clothing that makes you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, what is the alternative? What is the in-between?

Fashion Secret Two For Your Changing Body:

Wear prints in shapely styles. Now before you go into a panic, shape does not mean tight. It just means that it follows the lines of your body. This will allow the print to work its magic because print fools the eye. It doesn’t know what is fabric and what is your body. A solid color can show every underwear line and cling in all the places you don’t want it to. But print allows you to wear shapely cuts without all of that.

Print only makes you look bigger if you wear it in big baggy styles with no shape. This creates an expansive look with no definition, which in turn makes you look bigger.

As women, we often think in extremes. We think we must wear super baggy or super tight clothing. There is so much in-between and your body deserves to find that happy middle. You deserve to feel great about yourself regardless of what your body is doing on any given day.

To see how this works, watch this video:


Stay tuned for Fashion Secret Three, coming soon to Kuel Life.

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Tracy Gold

About the Author:

Personal stylist, designer and show host, Tracy Gold has 20 years of experience styling and designing for women of various shapes, sizes and ages. With the massive increase in online and live stream shopping trends, in 2021 Tracy founded Tracy Gold New York offering slimming silhouettes that are easy to fit, easy to style and simple to purchase online with confidence. Tracy recently launched her own livestream shopping show and is building a loyal customer base clamoring for the next release. Having styled hundreds of women, she specializes in styling tips and makeovers that empower women with the skill to be able to re-create their new look every day. Tracy has made it her mission to create the perfect wrap dress in sizes XS-XXL. Click here for more info