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Plaid – To Wear; Not To Wear?

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Fall is right around the corner. For many of us that evokes images of apple picking, drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, or sipping spiced apple cider in a fire-lit cozy bar. It also, if you live in a ‘seasons change’ location, starts us thinking about our Autumn wardrobe.
While some claim you can wear plaid during any season, most of us – I think – consider it more a ‘cooler’ weather type look. Plaid is way past the red and black checkered pattern today. It’s incredibly versatile; it can be worn in different stylish ways. Personally, plaid seems a bit masculine and I use plaid in small quantities (a scarf, a hat) against a more feminine backdrop (skirt, tights, and turtleneck).
There are some great fashionistas out there and Kuel Life is thrilled to be highlighting some of the ways they’re suggesting donning plaid.

Tania Stephens, 50isnotold, Fashion/LifeStyle blogger, shares with her followers “How To Wear Plaid But Not Look Like a Lumberjack” In her blog she details how to showcase your plaid scarf. Tania lays it all out – clothing, jewelry, handbag. It’s a fun and casual look.

Catherine Wynne Lartique (@atypical60), also has as a great blog out there for us Kuel Women on ‘How To Wear Plaid When You’re Over 50’. She highlights many options for how to rock the look. Here, Catherine models a plaid shirt popping some color into a sophisticated ensemble. Other ways to wear a plaid shirt? – pair it up with a silky skirt or even a tulle skirt, or with a pair of skinny jean, tucked-in.

Catherine also helps us out with regards to: What NOT To Do.  When you do wear plaid, don’t try to fight a dominant brighter color with that same colored top.  The yellow top in the photo below is a great top–but it doesn’t work with the yellow plaid. Too much yellow. Plaid looks best when everything else is toned down”
My big questions: Would the Kuel Women out there wear a plaid dress? Or how about a pair of plaid trousers? For me that’s A LOT of plaid.
Sometimes less is better; and with plaid, that rule is solid for me. How do you wear plaid? Or, do you NOT?

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