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The One Big Tip

Hosted by, Jeff Mendelson, ‘The One Big Tip’ is all about providing the listener with a great tip or advice for improving one’s business.

“With her company Kuel Life (pronounced “cool life”), Jack has a lot to manage and keep up with, which also requires different functions of the brain. Her One Big Tip to being organized and keeping everything on track is to “batch process.”

She describes this process as devoting yourself to one specific kind of task for a set amount of time, instead of jumping around to different responsibilities. For example, Jack mentions that she might put aside some days entirely to doing mindless, but tedious work (such as uploading blog posts) and finish an entire “batch” of that work for the week.

In this way, Jack works with whatever mindset she has for the day, whether it’s the motivation for creative work or for something more basic, and she is able to get a lot done for the time she has allotted. Additionally, she usually works on a task in two-hour increments to stay focused on completing her work while remaining flexible enough to move on to something else if her mindset starts to change. By using batch processing, she says, “it frees my mind up to be able to ponder things strategically,” and also envision the future for her company.”

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Impact Radio USA

Hosted by author and life coach, Kimberly Love, “Crushing 40” is all about taking control of your own life.

On today’s show, join Kimberly Love as she interviews Jack Perez, founder and CEO of Kuel Life. Jack-Of-All-Trades is spot on when it comes to her role at Kuel Life. She toggles back and forth from: blogging; to curating Kuel Women to create original content; to searching for and securing Kuel and unusual products and services to offer our community of women.

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Jack Perez

Meet Our Ambassador: Jacqueline Perez – August 2020

By now, you’ve become a little more familiar with the amazing ladies who help us spread the importance of quality footwear, and all that Walking Cradles brings to the table in terms of keeping you on trend and always comfortable. Since Part I, you’ve had to chance to meet Jodie (@jtouchofstyle), Gail (@lifebeginsafter50), and Dr. Shawn Horn (@drshawnhorn). In this week’s feature, Part IV of “Meet Our Ambassador,” you’ll meet a very special woman, paving her own way in inspiring women everywhere.

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Women Emerging Fearlessly

Episode 21: Living the “Kuel” Life with Jack Perez
By Janelle Ledoux Anderson, February 23, 2020

“The Magazine” Pine Crest School, Winter 2020

Check out the full Pine Crest Magazine. Yours truly on PAGE 32

‘The Gift of Posing Nude’ I Am the Movement

Angelika Buettner  December 2019
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MT Nester Podcast: ‘Welcome to the Kuel Life’

Interview with Founder Jack Perez, December 2019
with Special Guest Host Carrie Nachmani

The Spark: Forever Fierce Revolution – September 2019

What does it mean to be fierce?
To me being fierce means being scared out of my mind and doing it anyway. Whatever IT is. That’s been the pattern in my life. For example: when I was traveling around the world with my husband in my mid 30s, we were held at gunpoint by two men on a bus in Brazil. We could have aborted our journey. We certainly wanted to. We were definitely scared. We chose differently and completed a year long, life-defining, adventure.

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Afternoon Tea, Creative SOULutions: Molly McKinley

Ep 8: Jack Perez, Founder/CEO of Kuel Life, September 2019
“I don’t want to slow down. I don’t need to compromise. I can write the second half of my life however I want.”

The S.O.U.L. of Online Business: Cornelia Petcu – September 2019


Welcome to The S.O.U.L. of Online Business podcast! On today’s episode, Jack Perez shares how she found herself at a crossroads a couple of years ago. She chose to forge a new path, and started building a community celebrating women reinventing themselves after 50. The Kuel Life was born 18 months ago, and has been steadily growing since!

eShe – the female gaze; The REBEL Issue – September 2019

Invisible Women featuring Jack Perez
By Kay Newton

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Amplify Your Expertise: Women Over 45

The Tina Brinkley Potts Show – August 2019

Silver Women - Jaqueline Perez

The SilverWomen @thesilverwoman – July 2019

Interview with Jacqueline Perez, Creator of Kuel Life
as told to The Silver Women

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WS (Womanscape) Magazine – July 2019

Kuel Life + Java Love Coffee + Womanscape = A powerfully, delicious cup of coffee!

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Real Capitalist Podcast

Real Capitalist Podcast, June 2019

How to Build a Community From The Ground-Up
With Jacqueline Pérez CEO & found of The KuelLife

Jack Perez May 2019

GrepBeat, May 2019

Kuel Life Creates Online Community For Women Of A Certain Age
By Suzanne Blake

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