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Dreams and Detours Podcast

Second Act Sisters with Jack Perez

Hosted by Susan Montanaro

Susan chats with Jack Perez, Founder & CEO of Kuel Life, champion of pro-aging women, normalizing aging for women in mid-life and beyond. Kuel Life is an online community designed to redefine midlife through meaningful, curated content. Jack created this start up because she knew that when we come together we are brilliant beyond anything else. Women come to share, learn, shop and support one another to live their best. This is what real community looks like. Thank you Jack Perez for giving us another place to keep shining.

The Roller Coaster Podcast

Changing the Conversation Around Aging with Jack Perez

Hosted by Luci Q

Think back to when you were a teen, what did you think about people in their 40s, 50s and 60s? I know that I used to think that was OLD. Now that I’m on the upswing my views on aging are much different, but then again, I’m still not sure how it is that we have adult children. It’s a confusing time as we try to find our footing as mothers.

One thing is for sure, women today are redefining aging and they’re not doing it quietly!  We’re chatting about normalizing the conversations around women and aging. We dive into Age-ism, redefining our lives in midlife and I know you’ll also when we share about giving zero f*cks.

My Dead Dragon Podcast

My Dead Dragon Podcast

Sink or Swim with Jacqueline Perez

Hosted by Katherine Loranger

Through her platform, Perez champions change, normalizing aging for women through curated content and women-driven brands. She joins Katherine on My Dead Dragon this week to talk about starting Kuel Life, being a parent having to do it all on her own, taking one step forward and three steps back, and finding out that nobody is coming to save her.

Jack Perez Show

Love My Body Love Myself Show

The 1 Thing That Helped Turn My Life Around

Hosted by Alicia Couri

How do you handle transitions in your life? From an awkward teenager, marriage, divorce, single parenting all the way through to menopause. Where do we turn to find help and support? For our guest, Jacqueline (Jack) Perez, the point came where she had to create it. At one point she found herself overwhelmed, and at her wits end, but searching for a solution. There was 1 thing she credits for turning it all around for her…

Jack Perez Podcast

Focus & Freedom for Entrepreneurs Podcast

Normalizing Aging with Jacqueline Perez

Hosted by Val Low

In this episode, Jacqueline Perez shares about normalizing ageism. We live in a youth centric culture in western civilization and often don’t talk about aging. Jack speaks openly about the huge chasm between miniskirts and depends.

Podcast interview

Conversations with Pearl Podcast

A Conversation with Kuel Life Founder

Hosted by Pearl Chiarenza

Join in on the conversation to NORMALIZE AGING! We all want to age and live our Kuel Life.

Casa DeConfidence Podcast

Casa DeConfidence Podcast

Living The Kuel Life with Jack Perez

Hosted by Julie DeLucca-Collins

Welcome To My World Podcast

Welcome To My World – Abbey Research

Pro-Aging Movement with Jack Perez

Hosted by Dr. Kristen Donnelly

Tracy Gold Show

The Tracy Gold Show 

WHO AM I NOW? What Do I Want To Do?

Hosted by Tracy Gold

In this episode of Tracy Gold Show, I talk to Jack Perez about that feeling of who am I now and what do I want to do?

Midlife Moxie Podcast

Midlife Moxie Podcast

Gifting Women Midlife & Beyond

Hosted by Gail Scott & Christina Massey

What to gift a midlife woman?🧐

We discuss some of our favorite gifts to give and get, and drop some ideas for the middle aged women in your life. Make sure to checkout the shop on Kuel Life to SHOP SMALL.

Foster Your Passion Podcast

Foster Your Passion Podcast

How to Live a “Kuel” Life: Normalizing Aging for Women

Hosted by Hayley Foster

In this episode, we talk about normalizing the process of aging in women, the difficulties and challenges mid-life presents and how to approach them head-on. Jack’s passion led her to create a platform and build it into the go-to resource for women looking for answers.

ShoutOut Miami Magazine

ShoutOut Miami Magazine

I was interviewed by ShoutOut Miami Magazine. Thank you to my friend and Pro-Aging Kuel Category Expert, Gail Gensler, for recommending me.
Thank you to Emma Jacobs from Voyage MIA Magazine for the hand holding and patience.

We are spreading the message ladies…. AGEISM BUSTERS UNITE!

Read Article on ShoutOut Miami
Reinventing Midlife Summit

Women Reinventing Midlife Summit

In this interview with Debra Johnstone, Jack shares:

  • Why we all have a choice in how we transition this phase of life and the ways our life journey prepares us to pursue our purpose
  • The number one thing that so often gets in the way of us finding our new direction and how to tame it
  • An incredibly simple strategy to begin gaining insights on your own purpose and direction so you can see your next steps

Becoming Your Best Version Podcast

Becoming Your Best Version Podcast

A Conversation with Kuel Life Founder

Hosted by Maria Olsen

Maria hasa lot to SHARE…
Her work has brought her in contact with amazing people.She wanta to share their tips and inspiration to help us live our best life.Tune in and elevate your life!

Late Bloomer Living Podcast

Together We’re Stronger

Hosted by Yvonne Marchesse

Host Yvonne Marchese explores Midlife and what it means to step into new challenges through candid conversations with people who have busted through their midlife doldrums by stepping into the unknown. We’ll talk about their journey, the ups and downs and their advice for others.

The Simply: Health Coaching Podcast

Second Act Sister-in-Charge

Hosted by Liza Baker

Three plus years ago, when Kuel Life was in inception, I was introduced to Liza Baker. In short order, we became friends and colleagues.
Liza believed in our mission and without hesitation joined the Kuel Life Community as a Member and Expert Contributor. I am honored to share that I am her most recent guest on her Simply: Health Coaching’s podcast.
Listening to it today, I am reminded that finding and developing friendships with amazing women is one of the best perks of my job. You can “hear” the friendship in our discussion. It made me smile. Hope it brings a smile to you as well.
She’s got quite the line-up. You can catch her podcast anywhere you like to listen!

Your Next Stop Podcast

Redefining Midlife for Women

Hosted by Juliet Hahn

Thrilled to share that I got to play with Juliet Hahn on her Your Next Stop podcast. If you’re not following her podcast, you’re missing out. Juliet is highlighting women who have taken their passion and turned it into a biz!
She’s got quite the line-up. You can catch her podcast anywhere you like to listen!

Magnificent Midlife Podcast

Magnificent Midlife Podcast

Living a Kuel LIfe Midlife

Hosted by Rachel Lankester

It was an honor to chat with Rachel Lankester Magnificent Midlife. We talk about: My journey into entrepreneurship in starting Kuel Life. How Kuel Life was a huge pivot for me in thinking about the world. My initial struggle in coming to terms with aging . Why menopause should be taught, talked about more with women early on in life and NORMALIZED. The matriarchs in my Cuban family. My experience at a Bedouin wedding in Jordan.  And more.

All Things Relax Podcast

Living the Kuel LIfe

Hosted by Sandi D

Join Jack and Sandi as they talk about midlife invisibility and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We also chat about world-wide travels and Jack shares a fun anecdote about being “invisible” in Bolivia and what she did to take back her power.

Speaking of Phenomenal Podcast

Welcome to the Club with Jack Perez

Hosted by Ann Boyle

Have you wondered how to meet new friends during the pandemic? How to navigate this new stage of “MidLife”? How to support women owned brands?

So….That Got Me Thinking Podcast

What it Means to be a Woman

Hosted by Natalie Walker Brimble

A podcast exploring what it is to be a women. Sharing a combination of stories, experiences, guest speakers, life coaching and quotes. Covering topics that affect us all – anxiety, wellbeing, expectations, trying to thrive whilst being more connected to those around us.

Midlife A Go Go Podcast

Middlife A Go Go Podcast

Midlife Woman Finding Our KUEL and Empowering One Another

Hosted by Valerie Albarda

Valerie and I talk about being visible, showing up, and the importance of women supporting and collaborating with one another. Oh, and how I lost my toenail on the first day of TaeKwonDo!

Strive 4 More Podcast

Women Living a Kuel Life During Their Second Act

Hosted by Ronica Jacobs

Life after 50 does not have to end for women. Hear how Jacqueline “Jack” Perez is helping women live a Kuel Life after 50. She discusses authentic female empowerment, what having a woman as the Vice President means to her, and encouraging women all over the world.

Listen to “Women Living A Kuel Life During Their Second Act w/ Jack Perez” on Spreaker.

Fearlessly Facing Fifty Podcast

Midlife cool with Kuel Life Founder, Jack Perez

Hosted by Amy Schmidt.

When you think about midlife and beyond does cool come to mind…..

Oh it absolutely does when I introduce you to Jack Perez, Founder of the Kuel Life Platform.

Jack founded Kuel Life in 2017. Through her platform, Perez champions change, redefining modern midlife for women through curated content and women-driven brands. The Kuel Life Community grows daily. With over 30 Kuel Category Experts and more than 24 women-driven brands, Kuel Life offers women an opportunity to ’share, learn, shop, and play with our Second Act Sisters!’.

Listen to the podcast

The One Big Tip

Hosted by, Jeff Mendelson, ‘The One Big Tip’ is all about providing the listener with a great tip or advice for improving one’s business.

“With her company Kuel Life (pronounced “cool life”), Jack has a lot to manage and keep up with, which also requires different functions of the brain. Her One Big Tip to being organized and keeping everything on track is to “batch process.”

She describes this process as devoting yourself to one specific kind of task for a set amount of time, instead of jumping around to different responsibilities. For example, Jack mentions that she might put aside some days entirely to doing mindless, but tedious work (such as uploading blog posts) and finish an entire “batch” of that work for the week.

In this way, Jack works with whatever mindset she has for the day, whether it’s the motivation for creative work or for something more basic, and she is able to get a lot done for the time she has allotted. Additionally, she usually works on a task in two-hour increments to stay focused on completing her work while remaining flexible enough to move on to something else if her mindset starts to change. By using batch processing, she says, “it frees my mind up to be able to ponder things strategically,” and also envision the future for her company.”

Listen to the podcast

Impact Radio USA

Hosted by author and life coach, Kimberly Love, “Crushing 40” is all about taking control of your own life.

On today’s show, join Kimberly Love as she interviews Jack Perez, founder and CEO of Kuel Life. Jack-Of-All-Trades is spot on when it comes to her role at Kuel Life. She toggles back and forth from: blogging; to curating Kuel Women to create original content; to searching for and securing Kuel and unusual products and services to offer our community of women.

Listen to the podcast

Meet Our Ambassador: Jacqueline Perez – August 2020

By now, you’ve become a little more familiar with the amazing ladies who help us spread the importance of quality footwear, and all that Walking Cradles brings to the table in terms of keeping you on trend and always comfortable. Since Part I, you’ve had to chance to meet Jodie (@jtouchofstyle), Gail (@lifebeginsafter50), and Dr. Shawn Horn (@drshawnhorn). In this week’s feature, Part IV of “Meet Our Ambassador,” you’ll meet a very special woman, paving her own way in inspiring women everywhere.

Read the full article here

Women Emerging Fearlessly

Episode 21: Living the “Kuel” Life with Jack Perez
By Janelle Ledoux Anderson, February 23, 2020

“The Magazine” Pine Crest School, Winter 2020

Check out the full Pine Crest Magazine. Yours truly on PAGE 32

‘The Gift of Posing Nude’ I Am the Movement

Angelika Buettner  December 2019
Read full post on the I AM – the Movement site.

MT Nester Podcast: ‘Welcome to the Kuel Life’

Interview with Founder Jack Perez, December 2019
with Special Guest Host Carrie Nachmani

The Spark: Forever Fierce Revolution – September 2019

What does it mean to be fierce?
To me being fierce means being scared out of my mind and doing it anyway. Whatever IT is. That’s been the pattern in my life. For example: when I was traveling around the world with my husband in my mid 30s, we were held at gunpoint by two men on a bus in Brazil. We could have aborted our journey. We certainly wanted to. We were definitely scared. We chose differently and completed a year long, life-defining, adventure.

Read the full article here

Afternoon Tea, Creative SOULutions: Molly McKinley

Ep 8: Jack Perez, Founder/CEO of Kuel Life, September 2019
“I don’t want to slow down. I don’t need to compromise. I can write the second half of my life however I want.”

The S.O.U.L. of Online Business: Cornelia Petcu – September 2019


Welcome to The S.O.U.L. of Online Business podcast! On today’s episode, Jack Perez shares how she found herself at a crossroads a couple of years ago. She chose to forge a new path, and started building a community celebrating women reinventing themselves after 50. The Kuel Life was born 18 months ago, and has been steadily growing since!

eShe – the female gaze; The REBEL Issue – September 2019

Invisible Women featuring Jack Perez
By Kay Newton

Read the FULL issue here

Amplify Your Expertise: Women Over 45

The Tina Brinkley Potts Show – August 2019

The SilverWomen @thesilverwoman – July 2019

Interview with Jacqueline Perez, Creator of Kuel Life
as told to The Silver Women

Read the interview here

WS (Womanscape) Magazine – July 2019

Kuel Life + Java Love Coffee + Womanscape = A powerfully, delicious cup of coffee!

Read the full issue here

Real Capitalist Podcast, June 2019

How to Build a Community From The Ground-Up
With Jacqueline Pérez CEO & found of The KuelLife

GrepBeat, May 2019

Kuel Life Creates Online Community For Women Of A Certain Age
By Suzanne Blake

Read article on GrepBeat.com