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Prints, Plaids, and Pleats – Go Get Them!

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The 70’s look has returned.
Wide leg slacks and jeans. And hats, hats, hats, especially Western attire. Snakeskin is very popular, particularly in purses and boots.

Fall is quickly becoming Winter across the country. As temperatures plunge and holidays are around the corner, we see an array of fabrics and designs making a resurgence.

As my sister and I recently walked 6th Avenue area and the Upper East Side in New York, the windows were a blaze with pleated skirts, long and short in length. The pleats ranged from thin to wide and were varied in colors for fall and winter.
Additionally, plaids were everywhere. Large print and small. Black and white and bolder hues of mustard and gold and bright blues.

Jumpsuits are all the rage. Whether for dressy occasions, or every day work and leisure, the variety of them range from solid to print and flowery.

Oversize jeans shirts and jackets are making a come back as is fringe.

Satin and velvet return for both everyday wear and more dressy occasions.

“Bandanas and silk scarves are trending due, in part, to their incredibly versatility. They can be worn as a belt, neck tie, headband, or bag accessory.”

Have you thought about putting Pink and Red together? If they are the right shades, they compliment each other really well. Try it and let me know what you think!

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About The Author:
Gayle Petrillo is President of First Impressions, Image Consulting. Gayle is an image consultant working with both businesses and individuals. Her services include: customer service training; team building skills; secret shopper services; gossip avoidance techniques; closet analysis; wardrobe transformations, personal shopping; employment coaching; and presentation skills. She has joined Kuel Life and will be offering an online class exclusively for Kuel Life – ‘Transform Your Threads with Gayle’. Coming very, very soon. You can email Gayle directly for a consultation.