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Clientele: Estro-Lift Day Therapy Moisturizer


I keep getting asked what is my skincare routine. What better way to share than with a SPECIAL Kuel Life discount… Use KUELLIFE when you shop for your Clientele, get 10% OFF everything.

Antioxidant Daily Moisture Shield
Moisturizes, firms, beautifies, and rejuvenates skin’s youthful appearance with Clientele’s exclusive, age-defying, PATENTED Sacred Lotus Seed that was discovered by UCLA Scientists to resist aging and live 1288 years! It helps moisturize, firm, and beautify your skin.

Hydrate and Protect Every Day
Nourish, protect and hydrate your skin… whether you are inside or outside gardening, walking, driving, enjoying sports outdoors! Wear it for daily moisturization and for smoother, firmer looking skin.

Firming plant extracts are combined with 10 powerful antioxidants like, Green Tea, Pine Bark extract, Grape Seed Extract, CoQ10, Vitamins A, C, E and Superoxide Dismutase.

Lightweight and oil-free, it contains Titanium Dioxide to help shield your skin from the environment.


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Clientele: Estro-Lift Day Therapy Moisturizer


Directions: Massage this vitamin-enriched formula on your face, ears, lips and brows each AM for younger looking skin.

Posted by Diane

Love this product. Keep coming back for more. One of the few that is both moisturizing and calming to my skin, AND, most importantly, does not irritate my rosacea or cause breakouts. Best value is to buy it as part of a kit that includes also the rich night cream and face wash. Wonderful texture

Posted by Annie

I adore the texture of this cream, rich, but not greasy and so important to prevent aging effects. am very happy with this purchase & recommend.

Posted by Evangelina Rivera

This is the first product I used when my face started showing changes at age 50. I've tried other products, because of the hype about what miracles they do. I'm 65 now and always go back to ESTRO-LIFT DAY THERAPY


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