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Collecting True Friends by Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker


Potential true friends are all around us. The key is to be able to spot them and determine whether they are worthy of YOUR time and devotion. That’s what “Collecting True Friends” is all about. If you want to improve your friendship making approaches and boost your relationship keeping skills then here’s your answer. Award winning speaker and trainer, Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker explores the proven strategies to make real connections and true friends anywhere you meet people (even virtually).
A life without amazing true friends is totally fixable no matter your age!


If we’ve learned anything since March of 2020, it’s that relationships matter; connection matters. The key is cultivating the type of relationships that create a win-win! This author shares the important concepts of “Be, Do, Have.” Well done!” – Jackie Ulmer, Street Smart Wealth Co – President

Our society is built on friendships, but do you have the best ones for YOU? Taking you by the hand, Elizabeth gently walks you through the steps of assessing your current friendships and making the necessary changes to develop genuine and mutually beneficial relationships.” – Martha P. Davenport, Details by Davenport – Founder

Elizabeth’s transparency is inspiring! I could see myself in some of her anecdotes. This book is interactive and not only allows us to have a peek into her life–but also into our own!” – Elyssa Lassiter, The Say Life! Coach Institute – CEO

A great read! A different view about a person’s “circle of friends”. The interactions and positive outlook is truly refreshing about relationships both professionally and personally.” – Chip Briggs, Cardinal Financial Briggs Team – President

Elizabeth shares her journey of bringing close friends into her life. She shares her amazing gift of how she thoughtfully engages old and potential friends. Her book will help others find and keep loving friends in their lives as she has done. This book has helped me find and keep loving friends in my life as well.” Terri Dyer, Author of Paris, Modeling, Massimo


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