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Healthy desserts & snacks


This eBook has 40+ mouth watering dessert and snack recipes that taste so good you won’t believe they’re good for you too. It contains the latest, updated versions of my best dessert & snack recipes, and a few that aren’t on my blog too.

I created these recipes because I love slices, bars, biscuits & muffins, but I don’t love some of the ingredients you find in traditional recipes. So instead of giving up my favourite banana bread, muffins, muesli & snack bars, I decided to “healthify” them.

What does that mean exactly? I use honey and pure maple syrup instead of refined sugar, and I keep the amounts to a minimum, so you can enjoy your sweet treat without overdosing on sugar.
The flours I use are buckwheat, oat, almond & coconut. I also like to add flax seed and protein powder sometimes too.

I’m not into food labels, so I don’t attribute my recipes to any particular diet style. They’re just healthier versions, made with healthier ingredients! You won’t find calorie counts or macro breakdowns in this collection either, because I believe in eating healthy food in balance and moderation.

So go bake yourself some treats and simply enjoy them!


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Healthy desserts & snacks