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How To Clean Organically


Do you ever wish the cleaning fairy would come and visit? Do you love a clean home yet get stress thinking about where to start? Then this book is for you! Never have a dirty house again.

Running a guardiannage business in Mallorca, for the rich and famous, Kay learned a lot about cleaning. The cleaning fairy may not actually visit your home, yet you can follow the simple hacks, tips and tricks included in this book to create a clean home without needing to use harmful chemicals.

You will be able to clean your home quickly, efficiently and safely, without missing a single corner or wasting time having to backtrack over areas missed. The simple steps outlined are based on common sense and are easy for anyone to follow.

Want to know what poisons are lurking in your cleaning products? Then the second section will enlighten you to the shop-bought ingredients that may be killing you. It is easy to avoid them by using natural substitutes when you know how to use them.

This book is a must if you have your own cleaning business – the natural way to stay ahead of your competitors.

Grab a coffee and take a read. This no-nonsense book will answer all your worries about cleaning by the time you have finished your brew.

This book will cover:

Kay’s unique hacks for cleaning a home inch by inch
15 Recommended organic cleaning products
Poisonous cleaning products to avoid and why
The top ten cleaning hacks for specific areas
De-stress your surroundings
FREE GIFTS included

This book is not for you right now if you:

Dislike following simple step-by-step procedures
Have no interest whatsoever in cleaning
Are in the process of decluttering or downsizing your home
Need to declutter your mind first

”Someone sent me an email about using vodka for cleaning around the house. It worked! The more vodka I drank the cleaner the house looked!“
– unknown

I very much enjoyed this book, which is so odd.  Who likes cleaning?  Not I!

I appreciate the tone, the back story and the simplicity of the system. And I especially appreciate the education in the second half concerning nasty ingredients found on the shelves at the local stores, the list of natural substitutes and how to use them. Last, but not least, those hacks!

Thank you for putting this short book together.  Easy to read, easy to comprehend, easy to implement.
Andrea Schmitz – USA
What a great little book to have when you need that extra boost to clean.
For me, cleaning can be quite a chore so this systematic way makes it quite fun to do!
I love the organic cleaning products and tips especially as Bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon juice is my favourite cleaning products.
Thank you, Kay, for writing so clearly and simply.
Linda Ledwidge. Spain


This book is an eye-opener!  I made the mistake of putting off-putting my feet up to read this until I’d finished my big spring clean – silly mistake and I won’t do that again! This book is brilliant. The list of natural alternatives to the harsh and often dangerous chemicals we use all the time was incredible. I knew lemons were useful, but I’d no idea just how useful. Oh for a lemon grove in the garden! As ever, your writing is enlightening and educational without ever being patronising. You write with such warmth and passion, it’s infectious! This book is staying with me wherever I am – along with the bottle of vodka in my cleaning box – for mirrors, of course!
Andrea Steel. UK

This book has made me really think about the way I want to run my Estate Management business. I am not sure my cleaning ladies are going to be behind me as we change to all-natural cleaning products, yet it makes total sense! I have the feeling my profits at the end of the year will be happier too.
Eva Marie Burns – EM Properties and Services. Spain

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How To Clean Organically



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