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The Accident


A Tragedy to Triumph Story for Young People

Tucson, AZ –Tucson resident Gayle Petrillo, known to many as a bright, active entrepreneur, consultant and career coach, has decided to share her story with the world.  Most who know her would find it hard to believe that she has ever had a moment of self-doubt or fear.  Her outgoing, confident personality belies the fact that as a young child, an accident changed the course of her life.  She has shared her story in a wonderful new book, The Accident.  Gayle’s personal story of emotional healing, courage and success in overcoming the trauma of physical and emotional scars she experienced at the age of 3.

The Accident captures the sweet, bubbly personality of Gayle as a preschooler. Her biggest care is that her pink ribbon is still on her barely- there ponytail under her favorite hat. She’s off with her mom to a grown-up tea party, with a stop along the way to play in a pile of autumn leaves. Her life will soon shaped by a terrible accident.

The author shares her compelling, uplifting story from that fateful day to the present as a confident adult who wants to share with others how she created her own extraordinary journey to personal and professional success – through determined self-care and transformation.

A chapter book for adolescents, teens, and their parents, this inspirational book offers insight for readers faced  self-confidence growing pains, and particularly for those who have suffered emotionally and/or physically as a result of a traumatic experience.


It is the kind of message that kids of all ages need to hear, as readers at any age love a personal connection to their lives. This type of book could be one that might be used in therapy sessions, school settings by nurses, social workers, and teachers. In particular, it could be used to build materials for a theme-based unit, as a Touchstone Book”.  Betsy Reutemann, Teacher.

The Accident is a beautiful example of how to find healing through telling our stories, even the painful ones. For readers who feel alone with their secrets, this is a powerful reminder that you don’t have to carry your pain in silence.” Morgan Lange, Translator, Azuli Language Solutions

The Accident is an important story about how one day or one moment can change our perspective of life. Her story highlights a parent’s love for their children and how vital it is to overcome our fears. Gayle details her life changing experience in her book and teaches children and other readers about the importance of “being comfortable in their own skin”. She is an inspiration with her message that it is never too late for self-improvement.”  Lea Márquez Peterson, Past President, Tucson Hispanic Chamber and Chairwoman of the Arizona Corporation Commission)


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