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Raising The Curtain Of Shame Around Money


Raising The Curtain Of Shame Around Money

Kuel Conversations Host: Jack Perez, Founder/CEO, Kuel Life
Guest: Katie Mongelli, CPA

Aired: Thursday, February 21, 2020

What is it about MONEY and WOMEN??? We are more likely to tell a girlfriend what IS or IS NOT happening in the bedroom than we are our credit score.
This week, Katie Mongelli, CPA joins me in a Kuel Conversation where we take some of the mystery and shame around money out of the equation. You want a better relationship with money? This week’s show is for you!
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2 thoughts on “Raising The Curtain Of Shame Around Money

  1. Kathaline Hansen says:

    YOUTUBE Has blocked this video within their “kid friendly” algorithm.
    This means I can’t save your video to a playlist or share it with others.

    This seems to consistently happen with women’ issues. Just mentioning the word “sex” or “breast” blocks a video.
    Are you able to sue them over this?

    • KUEL LIFE says:

      So sorry to hear this… it’s just about changing our relationship to money. You can share the link from the Kuel Life website with others. At least the video plays…

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