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Reclaim Ease With Money

Melissa Ternes September 2020

Money Kuel Category Expert: Melissa Ternes

Where did we lose ease with money? Did we ever even have it? Either way, now is the time to reclaim ease with money!

Is this the very thing you needed to pause, reflect, reevaluate and reclaim ease with money? Such a powerful choice! At times, we all get off course or stumble out into the weeds and wonder how we ended up lost in the woods. Reclaiming ease with money is like taking a deep, cleansing breath in and exhaling strive, stress and worry. Then inhaling ease, delight, and joy. 

Money And Ease Can Live Together:

The journey from money dis-ease to money ease is repetitious”

In my years helping women with money, I have worked with women that once insisted that money and ease were NOT in the same category, or even on the same planet. And that can seem so true when you’re lost in the weeds. I’m here to tell you, just like they found out, money and ease can be your best friends and live together harmoniously!

The journey from money dis-ease to money ease is repetitious. It’s not a once and done for this lifetime. With money, the journey starts even before our first job. We have stories built around it, some helpful, others not so much. Money shifts from simply being a tool of exchange into deep beliefs of right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral. The money journey is a spiral where we get to see similar patterns and beliefs from different viewpoints. Sometimes we spiral up in triumph and sometimes down in the weeds of the events of life. 

Uncertainty Can Invite Old Patterns:

Give yourself the space to pause, reflect and then choose the next best step.”

In this time of great uncertainty, I have personally seen some of my old patterns surface. Yet now, I am able to recognize them much more quickly and I am able to name them. I can say out loud to myself, “Melissa’s that’s just uncertainty popping up and you know your tendency is to want to buy your way out of uncertainty.”  I can make new choices from a place of calm rather than letting old patterns take over. A prime example of this was earlier this year when entire shelves at the grocery store were empty. I had to remind myself that buying things I would not eat would not serve me long term. Would it make me feel better in the moment? Yes! And would it then be followed by regret? Yes! My solution was to acknowledge the feeling of fear and buy a small amount of canned goods, or whatever else, that would suffice, allowing myself to feel secure without overdoing it.

Give yourself the space to pause, reflect and then choose the next best step. Letting the what-if’s and worries fall by the wayside. If they are real, they will present themselves when it’s time to take action. Until then, it’s safe to press pause on the what-if’s and worry churn. It is in this very moment that we realize that we are infinitely loved and cared for. After all, what benefit have you ever received from losing sleep to the mind churn of worry?

Use Trial And Triumph On Your Journey:

My invitation to you, fellow traveler, is to use both trial and triumph as a point of reflection and choice. In the trial, reflect on what the one, and only one, next best step is that is in alignment with your dream. And in triumph, reflect on what’s next … is this place on your journey a temporary rental or is it home for a while? If it’s a rental, know that greater is ahead and if it’s home, get comfortable in the space. In the journey, the best choice is to align your money with your dream and create an aligned money life. This life is the one that makes your heart sing, honors your true self, and brings ease.

About the Author:

Melissa Ternes is a financial empowerment coach, author, serial entrepreneur, wife, dog mom and lover of travel. Melissa is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and when she’s not out speaking or teaching, she’s seeking an adventure on the “pretty blue water” of Belize. You can connect with Melissa on LinkedIn and check-out her website at Master Your Money Now.