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Red Ahead for Fall/Winter Fashion In 2023

Gail Scott September 2023 1

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

Red is THE color for Fall and Winter 2023.

That may strike fear in some of your hearts, but trust me, there is a way, or most likely many ways, for you to wear red and look fantastic doing it.

The Shades:

The best news about this red trend is that it encompasses the entire spectrum of reds, from deep pinks to rust. That is what makes this trend easy to embrace. There is a red for you! Don’t buy into the old tales like “redheads cannot wear red” or “red is too sexy”. Let’s discuss which reds are best for you:

If you are fair and warm-toned, a coral or light to medium red can be great on you. Look for a red that has been slightly muted with white if you have soft coloring. If you have a bright chroma, look for a bright, clear red or a bold coral.

Reds for fashion

If you are deep and warm-toned, look for the rust and brick shades of red. These are medium to deep tones, often related to Autumn. If your coloring is soft, look for shades muted with brown, but if you are bright, look for bolder, clear shades in the deep orange family.

If you are fair and cool-toned, look at the deep berry pinks. With soft chroma, look for colors that have white added to them. If your coloration is bright, go for the bright reddish pinks.

If you are deep and cool-toned, medium and dark berries and plum reds are for you. Again, if your coloring is soft, look for shades that have black or gray added to them, and if you are bright, look for colors with pure chroma like magenta.

Identify Your Red For Fall & Winter:

  • Fair & Warm-corals, light to medium true reds, warm cranberry
  • Deep & Warm-rusts, reddish terra cotta shades, brick red
  • Fair & Cool-reddish pinks, lighter berries, true medium red, magenta
  • Deep & Cool-reddish plums, deep berries, deep blue reds, burgundy

If you are medium-toned, stay in the middle range of shades in your temperature, warm or cool. For softer coloring, choose muted shades of the above. For brighter coloring, choose clear, unmuted shades.
(If all of this talk of bright, cool, soft, and bright is confusing, check out this free color quiz.)

ed this winter

The Styles:

Red is showing up in every garment and accessory that you can imagine. If red tones seem too bold for your style and personality, wear them as an accent. Choose a great bag or shoe in a softer red so that it is a subtle nod to the trend.

You might also choose red as part of a plaid, another trend this season. Some fabrics, like a soft wool sweater or a suede will naturally soften the color a bit, whereas shiny fabrics will make the red appear more bold. For jewelry, gold looks great with the warmer shades on the spectrum, and silver looks great with cooler shades like berries and plums. If you want to make a statement, go bold with head-to-toe red, or a statement piece like a blazer, wool overcoat, or a red leather skirt.

The Shoes:

Colored shoes are a continuing trend this fall. The tailored classic look taking over the season is bringing with it some of our old favorite shoe styles from the past; loafers, tall boots, Mary Janes, kitten heels, and stilettos.

Like clothing, red is hot in all types of shoes, from heels to sneakers, and again, in all shades. Choose the color and style that works best with your wardrobe, then slide on an updated classic like the red Bass Weejuns or stunning wine-colored pumps from Sam Edelman and you will be right in style. A link to some of my favorites is included at the bottom of this article.

“Like clothing, red is hot in all types of shoes, from heels to sneakers, and again, in all shades.”

The Red Fall/Winter Look:

With all the red clothing, it only stands to reason that red lips are also hot for fall. When wearing red pieces near your face, choosing a matching red lip color is best. If you cannot bring yourself to wear any shade of red lip color, then wear red clothing on the lower half of your body, away from your face.

Follow the guidelines for clothing in selecting the right shades for your lips. Prep your lips by exfoliating them, then applying a tiny bit of lip balm, and finally, lip primer before applying any color. The primer is a must with reds for smooth and long-wearing color, and to hold down feathering and bleeding. Line the lips with a nude lip liner slightly deeper than your “red” shade of lipstick.

A Neon Sign:

The liner will give the red lipstick an edge that looks neater and less like a neon sign. To mute the color, you can add a nude or shimmery gloss. To preserve the shade, choose a tone-on-tone gloss as opposed to a clear gloss. For just a touch of red on the lips, choose a tinted balm or gloss. Make sure to wear an equally pigmented cheek color (bold cheeks are in) in the same color family as your lip color for balance.

A neutral eye look will keep the focus on your lips and not compete with them. Red lip color can make skin imperfections more noticeable, so use a full-coverage foundation for this look. Finish it off with a red nail or embrace the return of the French manicure.

I hope this inspires you to find your perfect red and rock it this season! If you need help with that, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail is the Beauty & Fashion Editor for www.yourcolorstyle.com.
As a 28 year veteran in the beauty industry, she is passionate about helping women to look their best and to express themselves in their outward appearance. She is also co-host of the Midlife Moxie podcast, available on all major platforms. Find Gail on IG: @gailsscott Email: [email protected] Or through www.yourcolorstyle.com