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Red Shoes For Us Kuel Women

RedShoesClozToHome Kuel Life

As I sit in North Carolina, listening to Florence(Hurricane) swirl around outside, I am perusing our Instagram feed and found these.

Not sure what all the Kuel Women out there are doing but I just had to share these.

Fun Mary Janes:

These are hand painted leather Mary-Janes. They have a 2″ heel and adjustable strap. Love the fact they have a rubber outsole as well!. If we feel compelled to get them – and who can blame us; order them online from Cloz to Home.

Opened as Cloz in 2006 by two best friends, Jan and Penne, in Loveland Colorado the women envisioned a unique clothing and accessory shop for women. Residents of Loveland, they desired to bring more energy to their quiet downtown area – and, that they did. After several years, home furnishings and gifts were introduced and Penne’s daughter, Anna, joined the team to manage the revived boutique, Cloz to Home.

Penne and Anna are committed to their customers. What’s great for us Kuel Women who don’t happen to resided in or near Loveland? They have an online store! Check-out these amazingly bold red shoes and let us know what you think!

P.S. This is NOT sponsored… I just really like them!

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