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Reel Talk Tuesdays: Feeling the Power In Her Pause – Lolita

Kuel Life Featured Images August 2022

Welcome to Reel Talk Tuesdays in collaboration with Jennifer Aks-Neuman from herStories.

We bring you women, or womxn as Jen likes to use, from all walks of life, with all different “walks of life” perspectives. Tune in every Tuesday if you’re feeling the need to be inspired, to be brave, to know you are not alone, to know there is a place to be HEARD.

We at Kuel Life, HEAR YOU.

Excited to share this week’s Reel Talk Tuesdays: Lolita – Feeling The Power In Her Pause.

From Lolita Herself:

“My story is about becoming. It is about the journey to becoming my bigger, better, and bolder self. It is about reclaiming the essence of who Lolita E. Walker is at this very moment and the journey she will be taking to leap into her greatness. It is about the acknowledgement that I am standing right here and what a journey it has become. It is about discover and rediscovery.” – Lolita

Music: Skypath by FYZE

Witness Lolita ‘Feeling the Power In Her Pause’:

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Jennifer Aks-Neuman

About the Maker:

Jennifer Aks-Neuman is a Documentarian and Embodiment Coach. Jen is the founder of herStories which was born in response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic as a way to empower Womxn to share their story.  She does that by creating short artistic video documentaries that are inspired by Womxns life stories. This collaborative platform is meant to inspire, empower, educate and deepen compassion around the world.