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Rock Star On Stage And Off – Meet Sheryl Wilson

Shery Wilson Spotlight April 2023

Sheryl Wilson is a rock star on many fronts. Personally, I owe her for starting me on a real skincare regime.

Sheryl is the National Beauty Expert, Director of Education and Spokesperson for Clientele Skin Care and MDR Health Supplements. She has enjoyed a 41-year relationship with Clientele and is so proud to share the science behind youthifying the skin from the inside out, at any age.

I met Sheryl Wilson a couple of years back and she took me under her wing. With her expertise, patience, and willingness to listen she guided me through an analysis of my skincare needs – both inside and out. I get compliments on the quality of my skin and I owe that to Sheryl and Clientele.

But Sheryl is so much more than a Beauty and Skincare Expert – she’s also a singer in a band. Yup, that’s right. Sheryl fronts a 14-piece band. Aren’t are Kuel Life Thought Leaders the best?

A Little Insight Into Sheryl Wilson:

1. What makes me feel alive?

God, my husband, our puppies and kitties! Singing and performing across America with my 14-piece band called Machaira! Working directly with my clients for Clientele Beauty and MDR Labs Supplements to provide them with products that will knock their socks off!!!

“Energizing other people is easy for me.”

2. What habits, patterns, or beliefs are my greatest assets?

To be the Mother of many!!! I always always look for ways that I can help people and I love to problem-solve for them, to get them the best and most effective answers regarding any concerns they have.

3. What boundaries work for me? Are there any I need to rethink?

Yes absolutely! I will absolutely not continue in any type of abusive situation in my life, no matter who and what you are to me in a relationship.

4. What gives me energy and how do I energize other people?

God, making my husband feel loved and special, and my music! Energizing other people is easy for me. Being kind, loving patient and making them smile.

5. What is really most important to me?

My faith, my husband and fur babies!!! Singing across the world!!!

6. How do I create joy for myself?

Worship and Gospel Blues, Jazz and Rock singing!

7. How can I keep on evolving?

Always being willing and never settling for things being just okay in my life!  They have to be extraordinary, so I always find ways to forge ahead, to move, grow, change, learn and experience new things, new people, new situations.

“I find ways to be happy, some of them are just, thank you God.”

8. What legacy do I want to leave behind?

That I was a great wife, a great friend and family member, and that I shared some of the most amazing music with the world.

9. Here are my top three PRO-AGING tips:

This is how I “pro-age” in today’s world. I find ways to be happy, some of them are just, thanking God – already right there; and some I have to create, of course – eating well, exercising, and great skincare. Okay, that’s four, but those are the things important to me to “pro-age”

10. Why am I Kuel Life Thought Leader?

Well first, I had the blessing to be asked by the Founder and it gives me an opportunity to give back to the world, to help someone else achieve their dreams and desires, through my experience as a Beauty Educator and to spread the word, that aging does not have to be a Boo Hoi, but an “okay I got this”!!!!

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