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Seven Reasons To Visit Italy NOW!

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First and foremost. Who doesn’t love Italy in the SPRING?

Italy is deliciously gorgeous in the spring! The flowers burst forward with beautiful abandon. The wisteria fragrance wafts in the air. Vines climb trellises and cover outdoor cafes with an awning of purples droplets of hanging flowers that can gently rain down petals in the warm breeze. The sun is shining, and the days are longer. Sunrises are at 5:45 am in May and the temperatures are pleasant. You’ll be captivated by the sunset as it lingers into the evening.

1. The Wine:

wine in italy

Time to taste wine! Spring is when the wine from the latest harvest becomes available. Tuscany is a great wine region in northern Italy. Come and taste the local Chianti; you will remember always looking over the Chianti Hills sipping Chianti wine from vineyards that have been producing grapes for centuries!! 

2. Inexpensive AirFare:

Airfare to Italy is readily available right now and still affordable! There are flights from NYC to Florence & Rome for $550 to $650. The airports are not crowded in the spring, and taxis are safe, regulated, painted white, and easy to find at the airports, too! Twenty-two euros will take you from the Florence airport to the center of that beautiful city!

3. Italy Is Ready For Us:

Italy is ready and waiting with open arms to welcome her visitors back. The cities are incredibly pristine. And the outdoor cafes and restaurants are ready and waiting too. With their incredible views, street life, espresso, and of course, the delicious bright orange Aperol Spritz – all is needed is you. The doors are wide open right now!

Aperol in Italy

4. Reasonable Covid Restrictions:

Covid 19 restrictions are being lifted, and masks are not required outdoors anymore! The typical pattern for Covid cases in Europe is to decrease even more as May continues into summer. As long as you are fully vaccinated, you can travel freely and eat delicious food in Italy!!

5. Italy Is Safe:

Even though we have troubles in the world, Italy is very safe. It has been a hard two years for this beautiful country that depends on tourism for a healthy economy. They are ready, peaceful, and waiting to share their centuries-old traditions, food, and way of life. We can live for the day and visit them this spring! 

6. What Crowds?

cafes in Italy

Springtime has lighter crowds and fewer travelers with a more pleasant temperature than the 90 plus degrees that can come in mid-summer. Italians enjoy life and are always willing to invite you into their world. Italians are among the most friendly people in the world. In Italy the food is incredible. The wine is fantastic. The local countryside is stunning. So Carpe diem, grab your chance for a fantastic trip to Italy this spring!! 


7. A Special Opportunity:

I invite you to a special trip in collaboration with this kind community of women. If you’ve been contemplating treating yourself to an adventure (a safe one) with other KUEL women, now is the time. Join us this May in Tuscany, Italy. Checkout the trip specifics and grab your spot, right here.

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Leslie Ender

About the Author:

Leslie Ender is the visionary founder of Street View Adventure Travel, a unique women’s small group travel company that provides soulful, sustainable & experiential travel. Leslie grew up in Michigan and loves the Great Lakes! She raised her family and lived in the San Francisco Bay area for 25 years!

She has been an expat living in Austria for the last 9 years. Ender has a BS degree in regular & special education from Western Michigan University and a specialist credential in education from San Jose State in California. Leslie has two amazing sons in their twenties who are living and working in Europe as a computer scientist and a physicist! Leslie finds herself single again for the first time in many years and is ready to thrive! She has taken her passion for travel and has made a business using all her gifts to create beautiful experiences and connect women to other countries, each other and themselves. Follow Leslie on Instagram.

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