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Shades of Protection: When Mama Bear Mode Takes Center Stage

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Last weekend I went to my cousin’s daughter’s wedding in the heart of West Virginia. 

Picture this: a family wedding, the joy of reuniting with loved ones, and a classic case of me stepping into full-on Mama Bear mode. And all of this thanks to a pair of bright pink, heart-shaped sunglasses.

So, there I was, surrounded by family and friends, soaking in the infectious energy of a wedding celebration. My partner was by my side, and I was enjoying my son Aidan, who had driven all the way from Boone, N.C., to join us. Aidan is dangerously close to 21 and in that phase of life where he’s exploring and embracing his own unique self-expression. Now, let me tell you that, at nearly sixty, I sometimes find his style choices a bit… intriguing.

Fashion Statement:

They were quite the sight, adding an unexpected pop of color to his vibrant orange linen shirt.”

On this particular evening, Aidan was flaunting these fabulous bright pink heart-shaped sunglasses. They were quite the sight, adding an unexpected pop of color to his vibrant orange linen shirt. I couldn’t help but chuckle, thinking about how his generation’s fashion sense compared to my big hair early 80s look. 

As the evening unfolded, the party hit its stride, and I found myself on the dance floor, grooving to the beats with my family. But a momentary distraction drew my attention. Over on the sidelines, I spotted a young woman wearing heart-shaped sunglasses. Bright pink heart-shaped sunglasses.At that instant, something primal within me awakened – Mama Bear instincts in full force. Had this young hussy swiped my son’s sunglasses?

Mama Bear Awakens:

Without second-guessing myself, I left the dance floor and made a beeline for the young lady. With all the subtlety of a charging rhino, I got into her face to spit,, “Hey, are those your sunglasses or did you pick them up from some random table?” The poor woman, clearly taken aback, stammered that she had indeed found them on a table — a pathetic excuse for an alibi.

And then, oh boy, I went all-in with my protective maternal fervor. Without missing a beat, I pointed to my dancing son and boldly declared, “Those are my son’s sunglasses!” Yep, in my zealous defense of Aidan’s eyewear choices, I had inadvertently brought the spotlight upon him, showcasing him as the rightful owner of the pink shades.

But life is full of unexpected curveballs, and this situation was no different. As my eyes shifted to capture the scene around me, it became glaringly evident that Aidan’s heart-shaped sunglasses were not just a one-of-a-kind statement piece broadcasting the unique sartorial tastes of my beloved and eclectic son. In fact, they were quite the trend of the evening, adorning the faces of several other revelers. Ouch, talk about a humbling realization.

Taming The Mama Bear:

“I grabbed these from the photo booth table. There are a bunch of them.”

And then, the young woman delivered the knockout punch: “I grabbed these from the photo booth table. There are a bunch of them.” Her voice held a mixture of defensiveness and confusion, and in that moment, I felt my Mama Bear ego deflate like a popped balloon, when I realizedy my noble defense had quickly transformed into an embarrassing overreaction. I’d nearly ripped this young woman a new orifice over a party favor.

The aftermath was a cringe-worthy dance of apologies and self-deprecating mutterings. I berated myself out loud and silently, unleashing a volley of name-calling that would make a sailor blush. Amidst this chaos, the young lady gave me a lifeline, offering, “If your son lost his, I can give him mine.” That was the moment I shifted gears, transitioning from Mama Bear to Mama Parent.

I firmly declined her generous offer, declaring that Aidan needed to learn the ropes of responsibility – and managing his belongings was a crucial part of that lesson. Inwardly, I chuckled at my instinctive shift from protector to lecturer, typical of the parental transformations we parents often undergo.

Confessions Are Good For The Soul:

Without missing a beat, Aidan’s response was heartwarming.”

As the night progressed, I decided to come clean with Aidan about my little “episode.” With a chuckle and a grin, I relayed the tale of how I had unintentionally thrown him under the bus, all for the sake of his 99-cent plastic possession. I braced myself for his reaction, wondering if he’d be mortified or amused.

Without missing a beat, Aidan’s response was heartwarming. He confessed that he actually appreciated my fierce defense and the way I had his back. He found the whole situation utterly hilarious. “Mom,” he said, “you’ve got my back even when it’s about a pair of ridiculous cheap sunglasses!”

Who knew a cheap novelty party perk could elicit such a tale of love, protection, and a dash of embarrassment. As a parent, it’s heartening to know that even when we stumble into moments of unexpected drama, our kids still recognize our unwavering support and appreciate the

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