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Signature Stylist, Debra Schwartz Joins Kuel Life

Debra Schwartz Interview September 2022

Debra Schwartz, of CRUSH.STYLE, is a stylist and designer with more than three decades in fashion, cosmetics, corporate design, branding, and digital media.

When you see Debra’s style one immediately thinks, elegance. And not to frighten anyone off – her elegance is completely approachable. As a Confidence-Creator, an Amplifier of Self-Image, and an Architect of Empowerment for women her goal is to have you show up with confidence and style in chapters two, three, (or four!) of life.

We, at Kuel Life, are thrilled to add Debra to our roster of Thought Leaders. Stay tuned for some incredible fashion tips and hacks as Debra shares her deep fashion expertise with our Kuel Life Community.

Welcome Debra Schwartz to Kuel Life.

KUELLIFE: What type of business do you own/run?

Debra: My business, CRUSH.STYLE, provides personal styling and image consulting. I mentor women in their 2.0 (and beyond) to create confidence and elevate their self-image so that they can achieve success and satisfaction for the best of their lives.

“It took me two decades to circle back to my childhood passion for fashion and styling.”

Debra’s Passion For Fashion:

KUELLIFE: What prompted you or drove you to become an entrepreneur? When?

Debra: I’ve had several phases of my career, none of which were in a straight line, but all of which were in the field of design and style. From corporate design for a top cosmetic house, to my digital design agency with three partners, to freelancing while mom-ing at home. It took me two decades to circle back to my childhood passion for fashion and styling. (blame it on Barbie!)

During those decades, I experienced divorce, menopause, and most recently, empty-nesting. Now in my 2.0 (well, let’s say 3.0) I created CRUSH.STYLE, signature styling to help other (primarily) women during these times of transition. Times, in our lives, when we make comparisons to who we were instead of accelerating ourselves into the next exciting phase of life. It’s said that it’s our obligation in life to share our gifts. This is why I chose to take this entrepreneurial path in styling. And I love what I do!

If I Can, I Should:

KUELLIFE: What’s your biggest struggle?

Debra: As a natural problem-solver, I can get caught up in areas that I should leave to the experts. I’ll admit that I tend to struggle with asking for help. I feel that if I CAN do something, I SHOULD do it, or at least give it a healthy try. So delegation has been something I’ve had to work through. Funny, this was not the case when I was part of a corporation, but as an entrepreneur, I take self-sufficiency a bit too much to heart. I’m working on it!

KUELLIFE: What is your biggest fear as an entrepreneur? How do you work through it? 

Debra: My biggest fear is the fragmentation of my time. I find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all I want to accomplish. Being an entrepreneur means making choices on how and where we spend our time. Its a replenish-able asset.

I allocate my time based on the four-quadrant priority matrix. From urgent/important down to not urgent/non-important. This framework helps with my decision-making as well as time management. Naturally, we, as entrepreneurs, have to be flexible and go with the flow. And the squeaky wheels… and little fires along the way!

“This means that I’ve succeeded in empowering them with the confidence they need to achieve what they desire.”

Empowering Them With The Confidence:

KUELLIFE: How do you measure your success? 

Debra: For me, success is measured by my clients and their power to propel themselves to the next level of their lives. This means that I’ve succeeded in empowering them with the confidence they need to achieve what they desire. Of course, I’m not entirely selfless…in helping women with their confidence and presence, I give my own a healthy lift.

KUELLIFE: Finally, what advice would you give other women about taking an entrepreneurial path? 

Debra: First, think about what you enjoyed as a child. A hobby, an activity. You are still that same person. And you’ll find that if you follow those likes, the things you enjoyed when everything was possible, you will inevitably find joy, satisfaction, and success. And perhaps your next iteration!

Next, face that imposter syndrome head-on and call it out! Banish negative self-talk that disempowers you. Be your own cheerleader! Don’t compare your status, success, income, or impact with someone else – likely they have been in business longer, or followed a straighter path. You’ll get there if you really want to.

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