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Starting A Business After 45? Three Website Tips You Need To Know


Website Expert: RuthAnn Bowen

If you’re a female entrepreneur who’s either starting over or starting out when it comes to launching your second act career, more than likely you’ve thought about creating a website to showcase your business.

Your website is the hardest working piece of your marketing puzzle. It takes center stage as the go-to destination from your social accounts, online press articles, email signature, your business card, and other printed and online marketing collateral. The last thing you want to do when sending someone to your website is to shrink back and apologize for it “not looking that great”.

When it comes to designing your online home for your business, there are three key things to keep in mind to ensure your website converts your visitors into buyers.

Three Key Success Actions:

“Whatever your goal is, make that your CTA.”

1. Use Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons:

You need to start with knowing what the goal is for your site. What do you want people to do? Call? Fill out a form? Click your scheduling link? Whatever your goal is, make that your CTA.

For example, if you want people to schedule with you make your CTA “Schedule Here” with a link to your scheduler. Some other click-worthy CTAs are “Subscribe”, “Get Started”, “Join Free”, “Find Out More”, “Get on the List”, and “Let’s Start A New Project”.

“You want to be in their heads and use the language they use.”

2. Understand Your Audience’s Pain Points:

Why are your visitors looking for you? What pain points or struggles are they having for which you provide answers? List these out on your home page to gain your visitor’s attention.

You want to be in their heads and use the language they use. This helps them understand that you “get them” and helps solidify the like, know, and trust it takes for someone to work with you.

3. Make Sure Website Is Mobile Optimized:

Mobile devices now account for two of every three minutes online. (ComScore) Most people are using their smartphones for searches and queries. This means it’s vital to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

“Mobile optimized means that your site is responsive to the size of a smartphone.”

You don’t want someone landing on your site only for them to have to perform the “pinch and squeeze” to make your site big enough to read. Mobile optimized means that your site is responsive to the size of a smartphone. It automatically resizes so the information is easy to read and keeps the integrity of the design from the desktop version.

Yes, The Online World Is Noisy And Competitive:

You can stand out from the crowd with an engaging and informative website. There are a lot of elements and factors that go into creating a high-converting website. Keeping these three things top of mind, you’ll have a solid foundation to build upon as you move forward and grow in your business.

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RuthAnn Bowen

About the Author:

Ruthann Bowen, founder and owner of WIX DesignHer, is a creative and business-minded web designer located in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. She is also the author of “The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating a Website in a Weekend.” She works with small businesses and female entrepreneurs building beautiful, modern websites which accurately represent clients’ brands. As a WIX expert, she teaches business-related classes showing people how to design using the easy drag-n-drop website building platform. Exercising the experience gained from her background in PR, she also holds workshop