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Step into Snake Territory This Fall

Karen Serino Kuel Life

Animal prints go back a long way with the fashion industry, and rightly so; it’s instinctive one might say. Caveman was wearing animal prints before fashion was a thing, albeit in the form of real skins and fur!  So, it makes sense that animal print has dominated the style arena – the foundation was set in history, although reptiles were generally relegated to shoes and handbags. After all, how many snakes would it take to make a loin cloth, or even a pair of trousers?

A snakeskin handbag or shoe has been an elegant classic for decades, along with a hefty price tag, undoubtedly due to the svelte size of the average snake and perhaps the addition of danger money in capturing these critters without damaging their valuable cargo. Today, however, with the invention of textile printing and the social lean toward “fashionable faux” this or that, it matters not.  Now we can have endless lengths of friendly Python wrapped about our person having materialized from a 100 yard by 54-inch bolt!

If you’re still coiling at the thought of being ensconced in all-over snake print, then go for this year’s must-have, a snakeskin boot. In an article written by Who What Wear in July this year, they predicted that snakeskin boots would be the hottest boot trend in three months. Well, here we are and it’s not too late to jump on the snake train! Snakeskin boots are everywhere and making a serious impact!

Commonly, the tones are varying degrees of grey falling anywhere between the parameters of black to white. Brown tones are also popular, and even colored prints have slithered into stores, such as blue and red snake prints.

With so many heel styles to choose from: kitten; block; stiletto; flats; there’s bound to be something that has your name on it. Just google “Snake boots for women” and you’ll be presented with an array of choices that runs the gamut on price and style, or just go to your favorite store, they’re bound to have a selection.

How to wear these snaky delights.

This is the easy part, snake print is considered a neutral like any animal print, and therefore goes with almost anything and everything. It adds a pop of pattern to a monochromatic outfit, and blends nicely when paired with other patterns of a similar ilk including animal print mixing!

Pair with jeans, the obvious choice, either tucked in or rolled up depending on the boot opening and jeans style. Here’s an example:

With pleather leggings, edgy and sassy but adds a classy vibe.

With dresses or skirts, they exude a classic statement, so whether it’s the same color or a contrasting color, the snake boots will carry the look and take your outfit above and beyond!

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About the Author: Karen Serino is the owner of Above and Beblonde, a fashion and lifestyle blog for youthful women in their forties, fifties and beyond. A humorous and sometimes serious collection of facts and personal thoughts on current fashion trends, fitness, local events, as well as a unique perspective on places to stay and travel. It’s a resource for midlife women to make their midlife years and beyond their most stylish, most beautiful, the fittest and healthiest possible and ultimately the most fun. Blog www.aboveandbeblonde.com and Instagram account with daily outfit posts: http//instagram.com/aboveandbeblonde