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Loving Our Bodies And Ourselves, Unconditionally

Loving Our Bodies

Midlife Myths & Realities: Andrea M. Slominski, Ph.D. Midlife is the most powerful opportunity remaining for us to transform our thinking. It’s Time To Love Our Bodies: Midlife invites us […]

The Surprising Health Benefits Of A Twelve-Hour Fasting

The Surprising Health Benefits Of A Twelve-Hour Fasting

Women’s Health Kuel Category Expert: Lisa King Intermittent Fasting has become extremely popular and it seems that reading about, or listening to, information about intermittent fasting is everywhere! There is […]

Meditation Monday: Gratitude For The Body

gratitude for body

Gratitude Expert: Lori Saitz This Meditation Monday: Enhancing For The Body Today we’re focusing on feeling gratitude for our physical bodies. Think about your body and everything it does for you. Even if it doesn’t look or work exactly as you’d like it to. It’s hard at work serving and supporting you in this journey […]

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