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How Creating A Mindful Container Can Save You Time, Energy And Money

mindful container

Money Thought Leader: Karen McAllister I am in bed. The worry and anxiety starts. There is a lull in the business. Low Time For The Business: Yes, it’s late summer. […]

5 Money Issues Facing Women In Midlife & Beyond

money issues

Here are the top 5 money issues facing women in midlife & beyond today. Download your quick guide on the top money issues many women face today. Check to see if you are in the clear or need to address one or more. There is no time like the present to get our financial house […]

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3 Steps To Financial Security Every Woman Should Know

financial security for women

Finances &  Divorce Thought Leader: Jo Ousterhout It’s spring! And a perfect time to assess any areas of your life that you feel need addressing, including your finances.   This month’s […]