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A Year In Review

Guest Blogger: Claudia Hufham – Claudiareinvented Does anyone else feel like Christmas came really fast this year? As I decorated my house, which usually is one of my favorite things to do, this year I felt like as I pulled things out and set them up I was thinking, I’m just going to have to […]

Steps To Experiencing Gratitude When Times Are Tough

Brain Health Kuel Category Expert: Patricia Faust, MGS Feeling gratitude is a core piece of a brain healthy life. There is much written about it, and many suggestions of how to do it properly. And even though we understand the importance of gratitude, there are times when life has kicked you down and refuses to […]

The Gift Of The Closed Door

Guest Blogger: Claudia Hufham – Claudiareinvented I think we’ve all heard the saying “When one door closes, another opens.” This is a quote by Alexander Graham Bell. Which makes sense, because I can only imagine that he had a lot of doors that closed in his life. But that wasn’t the whole quote. He followed […]

Mr. Toys r Us and when I say toys, I mean TOYS!

Guest Blogger: Sixty And The City Several years ago, I met a really nice man on one of the sites. I had finally grown up to some extent and realized that tall, dark, and handsome wasn’t key. Well, those flavors were still of interest but I finally drilled it into my head that looks don’t make the […]

Why Growing Gray Was Empowering For Me

Guest Blogger: Kim Friedman Landau I can’t remember how old I was when I spotted my first gray hair. Probably in my early 30’s and I do remember pulling out the early ones in a futile attempt to stop the inevitable. Both my parents went gray at younger ages and wore their silver proudly their whole […]

A Lifetime Of Letting Go

Guest Blogger: Claudia Hufham – Claudiareinvented One of my favorite childhood memories is going to the beach every summer with my family. It was so much fun to be with my extended family in the same oceanfront house every year. We would have wonderful meals, put on “shows” for the grown ups and swim all […]

Why I Chose To Get A Tattoo At 62

Guest Blogger: Kim Friedman Landau I spent my 62nd birthday lying on a tattoo artist’s table getting needles stuck into my abdomen. It took only 45 minutes for me to get inked and have a permanent tribute to my breast cancer journey. My body shrieked in pain from the artist’s first touch to the last, […]

What's Your Wellness Worth?

Guest Blogger and Kuel Coach: Carin Aichele Everyday I talk with people who want more wellness. They want to eat less sugar, get more sleep, drink less alcohol, lose some weight, or simply feel better. There are others who want less stress, to cope with anxiety, to increase their self-esteem, to feel happier, enjoy their […]

Open; The Power Of Words – Part Two

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli OPEN is a GREAT word to work with, and another one which will change your life. If you have followed the thread about the Power of the word FUN!, you will realize that your mind will look for what you program it to find. In our day-to-day lives, we are bombarded with […]

13 Things You Can Do To Recapture That Youthful Glow – Part 2

Guest Blogger: Elise Marquam-Jahns Most of us equate healthy skin with glowing skin. When we’re young, that glow is just part of who we are and most likely—if you’re anything like me—you took it a bit for granted. But as the years pass, the sun, the environmental pollutants, our body’s natural aging process and yes—what we […]