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When The Universe Hit The ‘Pause’ Button

Jacks Smack Universe Pause-Button

The world is up-ended. Uncertainty, fear, and anxiety abound. We are not in a personal or U.S. crisis; we are in a global catastrophe. There is not one human amongst us that is exempt from the current pandemic. Not one.  I am not sure this has ever happened before, at this magnitude. COVID19 is weird… […]

Subtle, Significant, Side Effects of COVID-19

Jacks Smack COVID 19

There’s a weirdness, almost surreal feel, to how I have been living my life this past week. Given the nature of ‘what I do’ for a living, my actual daily activities have not altered much in spite of the coronavirus. I work from home. I work alone or with someone via Zoom (no physical contact). […]

A Powerful Lesson From Men

The aftermath of the Super Bowl surprises me. Instead of the “Wow it was an amazing upset. Look at Kansas City’s FIRST Bowl win in 50 years”, the conversation I am witnessing is all about the two women who hijacked the heavily-laden testosterone modern day gladiator event. Rather than sitting under a parasol, fanning themselves, […]

The Collective Power of Women Manifested at FierceCon

Back in September of 2018, I made note of an event happening in LA that October. I had just launched my start-up, a platform specifically designed for women in midlife, Kuel Life. At the time I was working with a dear friend, Robin. We both had felt like we were living loud, colorful lives and […]

Dear Kuel Life Women,

Dear Kuel Life Women, I see a lot of conversations happening about aging positively and what that means. For some of us it means allowing the grey hair to grow in, going through menopause without hormonal therapies, and keeping away from injectables. For some it may mean the complete opposite. Here’s what’s KUEL… the gift […]

Summer Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad

This past week I spent some time with a dear friend who lives on a farm in upstate New York – just outside Buffalo. One warm evening she prepared a salad for me that I absolutely loved. I had never used or had a green salad with strawberries before and right now in Summer strawberries […]

Shitake Mushroom and Squash Lentil Pasta

It’s challenging at my house. I live with men and they take their consumption of meat fairly seriously. Trying to find new ways to bring protein to the dinner table without the use of livestock is an ongoing quest. Add to this my quirky relationship with ONE bowl meals (I will do almost anything to […]