Financial Struggles? Here’s What You Can Do

financial struggles

Money Thought Leader: Karen McAllister Stella walked into my office wearing a conservative suit with a plain collared blouse and smart shoes. “What can I do for you today?” I […]

4 Ways To Shake Off Mental Distress About Money

mental distress

Money Thought Leader: Karen McAllister When we go through upsetting, confusing or unusual experiences in our inner lives we experience mental distress. “Suffering is linked to mental distress” Mental Distress: […]

How Childhood Trauma Affects Our Relationship With Money And What To Do About It

relationship with money

Money Thought Leader: Karen McAllister A well-dressed, articulate, confident lady called Leticia, South-East Asian by heritage, sat down in my office and began. Relationship With Money: “Growing up feeling plagued […]