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Living My Dream – Leigh, 61

100th share your story

As 2020 wraps up, so does the Share Your Story series. Our 100th share hails from New Zealand. Leigh Johnson is living life her way. After a dark period of depression and feeling the need to do what was expected of her, she now does it HER WAY. Leigh’s revelation at 36 re-set her trajectory, […]

Never Too Old To Pursue Your Dreams – Debra, 61

never too old to pursue dreams

As 2020 comes to a close the Share Your Story Series wraps up. This Sunday, we bring you Debra Adams. Debra is our second Share Your Story participant to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. How incredible is that? Debra shows us that we can pursue our dreams at any age. That with determination, support, planning, and practice, […]

Give Your Energy To Big Battles – Amrita, 52

give your energy to big battles

Amrita Rajpal shares her story with our Kuel Life community all the way from India. Amrita is the founder of Edu Learn Grow and the co-founder of THE ABCD SHOW. She is passionate about creating learning environments for the early years that are engaging, meaningful and fun. Amrita is set out to help India, her […]

We Get Better With Age, Not Worse – Rachel, 54

We Get Better With Age

Rachel Lankester runs an online hub, Magnificent Midlife, out of the UK. Yes, we might be considered “competitors”; but instead we’ve chosen collaboration. We women in midlife and beyond don’t need fewer outlets to empower and champion us; we need as many as we can get. I am thrilled to feature Rachel in the Share […]

Build A Life From Which You Don’t Need A Vacation – Manya, 55

Manya Lowry Lynch

As I near the end of this wonderful Share Your Story series, it only makes sense to go back to the beginning. When I first began Kuel Life and this Sunday woman’s share, it was my childhood friends from my alma matter, Pine Crest, that stepped up to encourage and help. This Sunday, I bring […]

True Contentment Can’t Be Bought – Ann, 63

True Contentment Can't Be Bought Ann

Ann Gentry is crazy accomplished. A retired restaurateur (we’re not talking just one), author of several cookbooks, working actor, mother, and more; Ann tackles everything in her life full out. From her early days as a waitress in NYC, to owning and running her own restaurant empire, to now; she shows up full strength. Ann […]

Value Your Wisdom – Deb, 57

Deb Johnstone hails from Australia by way of the UK. She and I met through the wonder of social media and realized we have similar missions in wanting to empower and inspire women to live large in midlife and beyond. Deb is a mum, grandmother, and works as a transformational coach assisting women to transition […]

Perfectly Imperfect – Mel, 60

Mel Greenberg

Mel Greenberg is a best-selling author and publisher, cancer survivor, prominent midlife advocate, and all around badass. Taking on life at its fullest after emptying her nest, she’ll be the first to tell you that moving forward – from then to now has been a wildly unexpected and beautiful journey. This time is hers and she’s […]

Add Yourself To Your List Of Friends – Christine, 53

add yourself to your list of friends

Every woman’s share is powerful, an opportunity for growth and learning for her and everyone who takes the time to listen to/ read it. Every now and again that woman ALSO happens to be a majestic writer. This Sunday’s Share Your Story just happens to be penned by one such woman. Christine Marie Ristaino holds […]

Stop Apologizing So Much – Illa, 41

stop apologizing so much

Illa is no stranger to life’s pains. A survivor of verbal and emotional abuse, Illa Lynn believes in the power of forgiveness, self love and self acceptance. For her, that’s what brought her peace and helped her overcome. The suicide death of her cousin spurred her to become a mental health advocate and pursue a […]