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It’s OK To Re-Invent Yourself – Joy, 47

Joy Alford-Brand is someone you want on your team if you’re starting over financially. Many of us, in midlife, find ourselves in that situation… for good or bad. Whether we are struggling financially, dealing with a severe change in our revenue model due to a grey divorce, or we have been gifted an inheritance from […]

Remember To Do It Your Way – Charisse, 62

Charisse Glenn May 2020

Charisse Glenn is a modern day Renaissance woman: a long-time casting agent; yogi; world traveler; competitive, equestrian endurance rider; and an author. ‘The Let Go’, Charisse’s lifestyle blog and forthcoming book, has been inspired by her passion for, and love of horses. Charisse joins the ever growing roster of Kuel Life Experts this month; sharing […]

Don’t Wait – Nancy, 54

Nancy Tepper May 2020

Nancy Tepper lives and works in NYC. She is a certified life coach, co-creator and co-host of MT Nesters podcast, and the Executive Director for a non-profit called Stand Up! Girls. As if that doesn’t keep Nancy busy enough, she has recently joined the Kuel Life Community as our TRANSITIONS Expert. Her first article for Kuel […]

Cut The Size Labels Out Of Your Clothes – Carol, 57

Carol Lee April 2020

I met Carol Lee through our Connections, Kuel Category Expert, Kay Newton. I was immediately fascinated by Carol’s holistic healing practice and methods. After a few conversations, she decided that she too wanted to be part of the movement to re-define midlife for women by offering her expertise, quarterly, to the Kuel Life Community. Today, […]

Remember How To Play, Serena – 47

Serena West

I have the pleasure of having Serena West as part of the Kuel Life community. Her amazing talent shines through in her paintings. Considering herself a story teller, Serena has chosen a medium that is powerful and compelling by which to share her subject’s tales. The phrase: “A picture paints a 1,000 words” was created […]

Adventure Is A Mindset, Stacey – 56

Stacey Newman Weldon

Stacey Newman Weldon, Week 36 in my Share Your Story series is all about ADVENTURE. The best part of her definition of ‘adventure’ is that you don’t necessarily need a passport nor tons of cash. She creates her providence at ‘home’ so to speak. She is generous of spirit in sharing – having created a […]

Unequivocally Believe Anything Is Possible- Tammy, 49

Tammy Nelson

While I haven’t ‘met’ Tammy; I consider her a friend. I reached out to Tammy the Summer of 2019 about an opportunity. I wanted to take her key2Bme inspirational gifts to a weekend connection event for midlife women, FierceCon LA. I cold called her; but within minutes it became obvious we shared many loves; including […]

Always Ready To Jump – Cynthia, 60

Cynthia Perthuis

Cynthia Hipp Perthuis handles the tough-stuff. Cynthia spends most of her waking hours helping families transition into a last stage of life for a loved one. There is NOTHING easy about this role. No one really wants to talk about it; but the reality is that we have an ever-growing aging population that requires tenable […]

Sprinkling As Much Pixie Dust As Possible, Simone – 51

Simone Silverman

I met Simone Silverman in a small coffee shop in Mill Valley, California last year. Neither one of us live in the Bay Area, but we found ourselves in the same place at the same time and took the opportunity to turn our Instagram-connection into a real live one. What was intended as a quick […]

My Reality Today Surpasses Any Dream I Had – Cindy, 57

Cindy Scurry

Cindy Scurry’s determination to live a full and happy life astounds and inspires. Cindy, in her early 20s, pulled herself and her family out of poverty by attending University as a non-traditional student. At the young age of 44, she was forced to endure the greatest loss any mom can imagine. Cindy’s resilience and perseverance […]