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Stop Apologizing So Much – Illa, 41

stop apologizing so much

Illa is no stranger to life’s pains. A survivor of verbal and emotional abuse, Illa Lynn believes in the power of forgiveness, self love and self acceptance. For her, that’s what brought her peace and helped her overcome. The suicide death of her cousin spurred her to become a mental health advocate and pursue a […]

Taking Care Of Myself Is Paramount – Kimberly, 42

I met Kimberly Love when I was a guest on her podcast, Crushing 40, on Impact Radio. Yes, I KNOW I’ve past my 40s… but, that didn’t dissuade Kimberly from having me as a guest. I, in turn, requested she participate in our Share Your Story series. Kimberly is a radio host and author whose […]

Independence Is Key – Tammy, 60

independence is key

Our Sunday’s Share Your Story, Tammy Guill epitomizes the midlife reinvention. Having worked for others for most of her career, she now runs not one, but two new businesses. She shares her struggles with losing the love of her life from a long battle with dementia. A story to which many of us can relate. […]

Love Yourself; It’s The Only Thing – Kasey, 60

love yourself it's the only thing

This week’s Share Your Story is a woman of resilience, determination, and spunk. Kasey is a two-time kidney transplant recipient and has her fair share of health issues. And, like so many of us, Kasey is way too busy to slow down. Reinvention, we see it all the time in our Kuel Life Community, is […]

Self-Care And Self-Love Are Not Self-Ish – Lorraine, 62

self-care is not selfish

Lorraine Miano thinks that as long as she has a long life-span vs disease-span, she is doing it right. She is a firm believer in taking care of herself through healthy food, positive thoughts, and exercise. Lorraine keeps moving forward, constantly challenging herself with new beginnings. Her latest pursuit? Becoming a Certified Aromatherapist. We, at […]

Do What Leaves You Feeling Good About Yourself – Sandra, 66

feel good about yourself

Sandra Ann Wallace was introduced to me by a couple of Share Your Story alumni, Jewel Burr and Janice Vitale. Women connecting and collaborating with women is what the Kuel Life Platform is all about. This Sunday we get our wisdom nuggets from Sandra. At 66 she is a retired nurse/teacher/counselor. But Sandra is anything […]

My Desire To Fulfill A Purpose – Michele, 63

to fulfill a purpose

Michele embodies it’s not what happens to you but what you do with it that matters. Having grown up, one of four, with single Mom; Michele learned early on how to be ‘grown-up’ and work hard. Nearly losing her sister to breast cancer in 2012, Michele channeled her feelings and sister’s illness into the creation […]

Learn To Live In The Question – Audrey, 56

Audrey Acton Story Share

Audrey Acton is about as raw and open as one can be. Bold and self-described as a ‘big ball of passion in your face’, she has learned how to channel that energy to find herself. Like many of us, Audrey lives with some deep wounds. And, is learning and practicing self forgiveness. Treat yourself to […]

Be Gentle With Yourself – Joanne, 50+

Between running two businesses, writing a new book, and teaching herself Italian, Joanne Socha is a highly motivated busy woman.  Joanne runs a Quantum Mid-Life Redirect Mentoring business and a Luxury Travel Design Firm. Currently, she is ‘home’ bound; but, before the pandemic, Joanne ran her businesses remotely from interesting places around the world. A […]

One Step At A Time – Pamela 54

Pamela Weinberg is a Career Coach and Personal Branding Strategist working with a multitude of populations ranging from students and alumni; to professional organizations and corporations; to women in transition. She has graciously offered her insights and advice to our Kuel Life Community over time. You can read some of her articles right here on […]