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Why We Should Be Obsessed With Getting Better And More Sleep

Be Obsessed With Getting Better And More Sleep

Brain Health Kuel Category Expert: Patricia Faust, MGS Which scenario do you usually experience? Do you get a good amount of sound sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to go? Or, do you get to bed late and then end up tossing and turning the entire night?  We wouldn’t have to talk so much […]

15 Foods That Help Hormone Imbalance Insomnia

15 foods that help hormone imbalance insomnia

From Menopause Kuel Category Expert, Lorraine Miano Sleep can be the bane of existence for many of us in menopause. During menopause, hormones can wreak havoc with our ability to get enough zzzzzzzs. And, it’s a spiral out of control situation. Sleep deprivation makes it near impossible to function on a daily basis. Lack of […]

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Want To Get Rid Of Belly Fat and Wrinkles? Do This Every Night!

of belly fat and wrinkles

Healthy Living Strategies Kuel Category Expert: Diana Devi Night time belly fat and wrinkle reducer, no equipment required. Sound too good to be true? How could it be? What could I do every night to minimize my wrinkles, and as a side bonus help flatten my stomach? No, it is not a night time exercise routine. […]

How To Get More ZZZ’s During Menopause

Lorraine Miano

Menopause Kuel Category Expert: Lorraine Miano (excerpt from The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back!) There are multiple reasons why you may be suffering from insomnia. Other than stress and anxiety during the perimenopausal years, as hormones change, this can have an impact on your sleep. Estrogen and progesterone levels […]

Today’s 7 ‘AHa’ Moments Courtesy of 50+

Now, really IN my 50s, reality has hit. Some of my 30s and 40s life-style habits just aren’t working for me anymore. I’ve struggled with the notion of fighting it, accepting it, ignoring it. I’ve been sad. I’ve been ticked-off. I’ve been resentful. I’ve been belligerent. Today I decided to not give a ‘bleep’ and […]