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How To Tone And Strengthen Your Arms

Kuel Life coach Elaine, CoreStrength50Plus, demonstrates a fantastic back of the arm toning move using a roller. A lot of us suffer from loss of muscle mass and loosening of the back’s of our arms. We, at Kuel Life, have been showcasing a few fabulous ways to incorporate tricep focused exercises into our daily regiment. Risa […]

Bye Bye Floppy Arms – Risa Lynch

Kuel Life is happy to deliver Risa’s Fourth Video, in her four-part series, to help us tone and firm up the back’s of our arms. Watch the First, Second, and Third and put all the movements together to achieve a very effective routine. As we age, we lose muscle tone and our triceps can start […]

Bat Wings Be Gone: Triceps – Risa Lynch

Here, Risa Lynch, provides a follow-up to her first ‘tone up our arms’ video. Sometimes when we begin weight training we forget our triceps – or they end up being an afterthought. Triceps are a very important muscle. Strong triceps are necessary for all pushing and some pulling movements (particularly if your arms are close […]