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The Benefits of Travel for Women

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Travel for women is incredibly special. Travel is good for the soul, right? Especially the right kind of travel.

“I believe the right style of travel immerses you in a different culture and turns on all your senses.”

I believe the right style of travel immerses you in a different culture and turns on all your senses. One has time to explore and reflect on their surroundings. When you are in the company of other like-minded women to share in the experience, magic happens.Travel promotes the health of the body and mind.

We are more physically active as we walk and explore our new surroundings or try out a new sport as we travel. We often spend more time in nature and the sunshine, which calms our nervous system. Our body and mind reap the benefits of physical exercise and being in nature when we travel.

Travel, A Form Of Mindfulness:

“Smelling fresh-baked bread just pulled out of an oven that has baked bread for centuries is an experience not to be missed! “

Travel is a form of mindfulness. When traveling, all your senses and attention are engaged in the most beautiful of ways. The grandeur of nature, the surroundings, and vistas that you see all contribute to fill our senses. Sounds of melodic, guttural, or rhythmic languages surround you with the vibrations of a new city or countryside. I love the resounding clanging of the church bells in Europe.

One can taste the unique and delicious cuisines prepared with alluring combinations of flavor and freshness. One can be touching the hewn stone of an ancient wall or running your fingers over a woven rug of wool, woven in the same way for centuries by the talented fingers of the weaver. Smelling fresh-baked bread just pulled out of an oven that has baked bread for centuries is an experience not to be missed! I remember walking in Italy, the air laden with the delicately sweet scent of wisteria.

Engaged Senses:

When our senses are engaged, we are effortlessly mindful of the present moment. Anxiety and stress melt away. We are thriving and excited; we slow down, and we open up. We are curious about what we are experiencing and desire to connect with the culture we are visiting. Our creativity blossoms, and we see more possibilities in the world. We naturally want to share and connect with fellow travelers around us. And, we have a space within ourselves to reflect and grow!!

In my experience, magic happens when women travel together. I have been leading small group tours of women since 2017, and the enchantment that occurs as women travel together and connect and share their lives is beautiful. A travel tribe is created. Women stay in touch, and special bonds are forged! Travel is truly an investment in yourself.

A Special Opportunity:

I invite you to a special trip in collaboration with this kind community of women. If you’ve been contemplating treating yourself to an adventure (a safe one) with other KUEL women, now is the time. Join us this May in Tuscany, Italy. Checkout the trip specifics and grab your spot, right here.

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Leslie Ender

About the Author:

Leslie Ender is the visionary founder of Street View Adventure Travel, a unique women’s small group travel company that provides soulful, sustainable & experiential travel. Leslie grew up in Michigan and loves the Great Lakes! She raised her family and lived in the San Francisco Bay area for 25 years!

She has been an expat living in Austria for the last 9 years. Ender has a BS degree in regular & special education from Western Michigan University and a specialist credential in education from San Jose State in California. Leslie has two amazing sons in their twenties who are living and working in Europe as a computer scientist and a physicist! Leslie finds herself single again for the first time in many years and is ready to thrive! She has taken her passion for travel and has made a business using all her gifts to create beautiful experiences and connect women to other countries, each other and themselves. Follow Leslie on Instagram.