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The Pixie And The Bob – Three Different Ways To Wear It Well

PixietoBob KUEL

I know I struggle with what to do with my hair. I wore it long for so long but somewhere in my late 40s I noticed a thinning and the super long look wasn’t really working for me. I still wear long-ish, but now I am contemplating some of these cute styles.
THE PIXIE: It’s come a long way since Audrey Hepburn….

Annette Benning is so beautiful, she doesn’t need hair. Here she is with a soft, tousled pixie.

Robin Roberts looks great with the shorter on sides, longer on the top look.

Glenn Close; daring to go super short and super white!  Love it.


THE BOB: Way more versatile than I remember it.
Jodie Foster, Angela Basset and Sharon Stone;  – all rocking very clean, simple bobs. Yet, all three are slightly different.

Side part; falls right on top of her shoulders.

A middle part; not everyone can get away with this dramatic look. It’s clear Angela Bassett does.

Love Sharon Stone’s bob; as it frames her face leaving her long, beautiful neck exposed.

I am a big fan of all these hair styles. Thinking a trip to my stylist is on the horizon. Happy to have all you Kuel Women share your favorite new dos!!

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