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The Forbes 50 Over 50 2024 Women: Global Inspiration For Women Over 45!

Forbes 50 Over 50 2024 women

Midlife Myths & Realities: Andrea M. Slominski, Ph.D.

Recently, Forbes Magazine released its latest article on women over 50.

Again, this years’ “Forbes 50 Over 50,” 2024 women highlights powerful and successful women over 50. 

“80% of the Forbes list of the World’s Most Powerful Women is over the age of 50. A fact that demonstrates how women can hit their stride and create their greatest impact in life’s second half.”

No Longer A Global North Phenomenon:

Today’s article covers Europe, The Middle East, and Africa for 2024. It is game-changing; even more, it signals a paradigm shift.

“The new life stage Regency that brackets these transformational years.”

I have been writing, talking, and giving conference papers and interviews about the growing power of women over 50 since I was knee-deep in writing my dissertation in 2017. For the past seven years, I have been trumpeting the arrival of Women’s New Power Years, 45-70+, and the new life stage Regency that brackets these transformational years.

The Forbes 50 Over 50 2024 women list includes women from the Middle East and Africa. This highlights the fact that this new life stage is no longer a Global North phenomenon. Despite the difficulties that women face culturally, economically, and politically in the Global South, women are rising into their Regency power, making changes, and solving problems.

Solving Problems Across The Globe:

If you are thinking about powering up your Regency years by starting a new career, building a business, starting a nonprofit, or reclaiming your Inner Power and Sovereignty in your life, read on to be inspired by what’s possible. It’s women’s turn to lead and solve problems across the globe.

Here are some of the highlights.

“78-year-old humanitarian and politician Graça Machel, the former Mozambique and South Africa First Lady who helped start Girls Not Brides and is advocating for women’s financial empowerment in Africa. . . 

57-year-old Rebecca Gomperts, the Amsterdam-based physician who is helping women access abortion medications through Aid Access, the organization she founded in 2018. 

At 51, Sasha Bezuhanova left her 20-year career as a corporate executive to boost women’s entrepreneurial efforts in Bulgaria. In 2013, she founded MOVE.BG, a think tank-like organization that provides research and support to founders and creators, particularly women and those who are building businesses with a sustainable focus.

Halla bint Khalid- Khalid grew up in a Saudi Arabian family where art and self-expression were not encouraged, but she taught herself how to draw and built a career on her illustrations. She had her first solo exhibition in 1991 and established a publishing house in 1997. Since then, she has released 18 children’s books in both Arabic and English. 

Forbes 50 Over 50 2024 Women Inspire Women Over 45:

Kemi DaSilva-Ibru- DaSilva-Ibru is an OB-GYN physician who has expanded her reach beyond her examining room. In 2016, she founded the Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF), a nonprofit aimed at combatting rape, sexual violence and trafficking affecting young girls and women in Nigeria. 

“It’s women’s turn to lead and solve problems across the globe.”

Laurence des Cars- The French museum curator and art historian des Cars became the director of the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2021. She is the first woman to hold the position in the museum’s 228-year history. 

Alenka Ermenc- Major General Ermenc is an officer in the Slovenian army who, at 55, became the first woman to hold the position of Chief of Defence within NATO forces. 

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema- The Tanzanian biodiversity leader and lawyer became the first African woman to spearhead the Biological Diversity U.N. Convention in 2019. Four years later, Mrema was appointed deputy executive director of the Nairobi-based U.N. environment program. 

Bonnie Garmus- For the last 85 weeks, “Lessons in Chemistry” has occupied a spot on the New York Times’ bestseller list—and it happens to have been Garmus’ debut novel. Its spring 2022 publication has made the California-born Garmus a household name at the age of 64.

Defined By Age:

Narges Mohammadi- In 2023, Mohammadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for her fight against the oppression of women in Iran and her fight to promote human rights and freedom for all.” She is the 19th woman to win the prize and the fifth person to win it while in detention. 

Trinny Woodall- In 2017, at 53, she launched Trinny London, a makeup and skincare company that she partially funded by selling the designer wardrobe she’d worn as a television host. The direct-to-consumer brand took off during the pandemic. . . and recorded £55 million in 2022 revenue. “I never felt defined by age,” Woodall told Forbes.” 1

Whatever your passion is, it’s not too late to make a difference. We are the first women to live into our post-menopause years as a cohort in the history of humanity. Claim your Sovereignty, follow your passion, and together, we re changing the world!

I am thrilled to witness the validation of my research and life’s work through the global improvement of women’s lives, the fulfillment of our talents and passions, and our ability to change the world for the greater good.  

  1. Forbes. Ed. Maggie Mcgrath. By Jemima Denham & Victoria Kempter. 2024.

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Andrea Slominski

About the Author:

Andrea M. Slominski, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and women’s midlife coach. During her dissertation research and study, she explored the new life stage for women that has emerged over the past 100 years.

Naming this new life stage, from ages 45-70, Regency, Dr. A. has spoken at conferences, published articles, and coached women to make the most of their emerging power years. Dr. A. guides women 45+ through the often-tumultuous transformations during perimenopause, midlife, and menopause. She uses tools that include creativity, story, mythology, imagination, ceremony, and ritual. If you need support for your Regency years, including all the changes of midlife and menopause, I’m here for you. Email me at [email protected]