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The Formula For Putting Together An Amazing Holiday Outfit

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Style Confidence: Elysha Lenkin

We’ve hit the holidays and I’m excited to break out my festive fashion!

But with all the holiday hustle and bustle, I don’t want to add the burden of  ‘what to wear???’ to my already lengthy to-do list. Can we all agree that stressing over our outfits should not be on the agenda? That’s why advanced planning is the key to effortless holiday style. It’s only effortless after you prepare!

3 Steps To Put Together Your Holiday Outfits:

Here are three surefire steps to put together your holiday outfits so you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.

“Don’t forget to consider the weather as well.”

Step One: Evaluate The Vibe.

The first step in your holiday outfit prep is to take stock of the logistical landscape. The location of the soiree is an essential variable to weigh, as it sets the scene for the occasion and informs the appropriate level of formality. Is it a dressy affair at a swanky restaurant, or a cozy gathering at someone’s home? This will help you determine the level of glamor you need to bring to the partyI

Don’t forget to consider the weather as well. An outdoor party on the terrace calls for a very different look than a sweaty dance fest under the disco ball. (If you’re going to the latter, please bring me!)  Also, find out if there is a dress code. My styling client recently attended a wedding where all the guests were told to wear white!

Determining the ambiance or evaluating the vibe will help you create an outfit that feels right, or appropriate for the occasion. And this is essential for feeling like you belong.

Step Two: Scope Out The Guest List.

Next you’ll want to know more about who else is attending because the guest list plays a major role in how you present yourself. Think of it like this: you wouldn’t speak to your grandma in the same way you’d talk to your work colleagues. Since your clothing communicates before you open your mouth, make sure that your outfit says what you want!

My client recently attended a work party where she didn’t want to seem too stuffy around the 20-somethings, but she also didn’t want to seem too laid-back around the other executives.

“It’s about achieving the ultimate trifecta of style, class, and consideration.”

Her ultimate goal was to avoid looking like a corporate clone. She wanted to showcase her fun, vibrant personality while still exuding professionalism and competence. In other words, she wanted to show that she’s serious about her job, without being a bore.So we found a beautiful dress in a dark floral print that felt sophisticated, but the shape of the dress was flowy, giving it a bit of a playful vibe. She added in a touch of glamour with a sparkly belt and wore knee high boots for a modern edge. In the end she felt polished and elegant, yet also vibrant and fun. She loved how she looked and had the best time!

Creating the right look for a holiday event is all about being thoughtful and tasteful. You want to demonstrate respect for the occasion and the people around you, while still showcasing your personal flair. It’s about achieving the ultimate trifecta of style, class, and consideration.

Step Three: Express Yourself.

Feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes starts with being true to yourself. That’s why step three is about making your outfit a reflection of your individuality, not the status quo.

After helping my client pack for a work trip, she reported back that all the women wore the same variation of navy, black and gray. She stood out in burgundy! And this gave her more confidence and courage to speak up at the event. She told me how she mingled with the top dogs and they loved chatting with her!

So as you prepare for your holiday events, don’t be afraid to be yourself and dress like it! This will always be your most beautiful look.

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About the Author:

Elysha Lenkin is an expert personal fashion stylist who helps women feel amazing in their clothes. If you want help creating a stunning holiday ensemble that exudes sophistication and flair, join her free styling challenge. Shell help you get your outfits ready so you love what you wear and feel incredible about how you look. Sign up for free now! https://elyshalenkin.com/sckl/

Throughout Elyshas 20 year styling career, she has worked with women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, including Carrie Underwood, Tina Fey, and Serena Williams. Today she helps career women become confident curators of their clothing and style. For more style tips and inspiration, head over to Elyshas website here https://elyshalenkin.com/ or follow her on instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/elysha_nyc/