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The Indisputable Importance Of Water: Meet Mina

Mina Chassler Interview March 2023

A native Angeleno, Mina Chassler is no stranger to the water issues that are affecting more and more people every day.

Mina really became immersed in the water world in 2018 when she was tapped to join Michael Hobson on his mission to bring a unique healing water to market. Thus began a five-year long deep dive into water and its importance to our health and wellbeing. As a brand new Kuel Life Thought Leader, Mina will be bringing her expertise on the subject of water to our Community.

We all know the critical nature of water in our everyday well being. But Mina has committed herself to the bringing healing water to the marketplace and will be sharing her insights and wisdom with Kuel Life.

Let’s Welcome Mina Chassler:

KUELLIFE: What type of business do you run/work for?

Mina: Boxed and bottled water.

“I am fascinated with water and its importance.”

KUELLIFE: What prompted you or drove you to join your company – what keeps you there?

Mina: I am fascinated with water and its importance. Not just for our bodies, but for all life on Earth. For our longevity as a species we need to learn to respect and value the water on this earth, not to waste it. The more we understand about human health, the clearer it becomes that water is a crucial element.

Humans are 99.999% water, molecularly. The water in our bodies needs constant replenishment. And as such, healthful longevity is linked to the quality of water we consume. I feel lucky to be working with water at this time when people are awakening to the fact that we need to change our relationship with it. It feels like being on the crest of a wave (pun intended!).

Slow Down To Create More Time:

KUELLIFE: What’s your biggest struggle?

Mina: I have a tendency to go too fast. As a working mother, my to-do list is long and ongoing. I try to get as much done as possible so that I can be present for my family at the end of the day, but it doesn’t always work out. I am realizing that I need to slow down to create more time in my day, not speed up – for me, that’s easier said than done.

KUELLIFE: What is your biggest fear about your career? How do you work through it? 

Mina: My biggest fear is that everything will collapse like a sink-hole and my way of earning will be gone – for whatever reason. I know that this is a fear not based in any reality. I work through it by focusing my mind on the present and what is true.

“I would say I measure success by the quality of my relationships, as well as my level self-acceptance.”

KUELLIFE: How do you measure your success? 

Mina: Growing up in Los Angeles “success” can be a tricky concept to work with. One of my favorite things about aging is letting go of old ideas surrounding success, questioning my thoughts around it, and finding deeper and more meaningful definitions for it.

Strongest Predictors:

I just listened to an interview with Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Robert Waldinger, the director of the world’s longest-running scientific study of happiness. After decades of study, his team discovered that the strongest predictors of who not just stayed happy, but who was healthy as they went through life, were the warmth and the quality of their relationships with other people.

I would say that applies to my idea of success as well. Because what is success if one is not happy. So to answer your question, I would say I measure success by the quality of my relationships, as well as my level self-acceptance.

KUELLIFE: Finally, what career advice would you give other women in midlife and beyond?

Mina: Everyone is unique to this world with their own voice and talent. Know that someone is looking for what you have to offer. In today’s market, people are looking for experience – and that comes with age. Celebrate the gifts you have, do not compare yourself to anyone else, forget about what you ‘should’ be doing and find what you love to do. There is so much to celebrate in simply being alive on this beautiful planet and making it this far. 

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