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The Link Between Mushrooms And Connection

Kay Newton June 2020

Connection Kuel Category Expert: Kay Newton

Covid19 has really warped my world! I have found myself doing weird things and being fascinated with the unusual. The more I learn the more I realise I know nothing! Take Mycelium for example, I had no idea what it was until a few weeks ago, now I am fascinated.

So What Is Mycelium? What Has It To Do With Connection?

Mycelium is a weblike structure, an interconnected series of filaments that usually grow underground in nature. When looked at closely they look very much like our brain synapses, the internet web, or the system of the universe.

Therein lies my fascination. Mycelium may lead to the fruit – mushrooms and fungi, yet for me it is the interconnectedness of everything that excites me. Without Mycelium, our natural world would not exist. Mycelium extends beyond the underground root system of plants and trees allowing them to absorb nutrients easier. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Mushrooms and Fungi are responsible at both ends of the natural life cycle causing decay from which new life will spring.

Everything Is Interconnected.

Everything is interconnected in nature and each part of the puzzle has a role to play. Yet the human population seems to have lost touch with their vital role in life. When Covid19 came along the majority of the planet stopped in its physical tracks.

“people had time to stop and just be, a human be’ing rather than a do’ing

The pandemic created space for many people to begin the process of reconnecting to what it truly means to be human. Isolation allowed a connection to the bigger picture; to think about how human daily actions impact the planet and will do so for at least seven generations to come. Coronavirus stopped driving cars for the sake of driving, flying for the fun of it, or consuming to fulfill a habit. Around the world, people stopped. People had time to just be, a human be’ing rather than a do’ing. It gave us time to connect to other people, to a sense of genuine care for others, and have space to create a personal interconnected web.

Zoom And Other Social Platforms.

As we move from being social in physical groups to being social online, Zoom is the place to hang out. There are other social platforms as well. With 8.6 billion people on the planet to connect with, it is easy to feel awkward and overwhelmed when reaching out on Social Media and making new connections. At the same time we were also dealing with new lockdown emotions causing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Reach Out To Relieve Emotional Stress:

Over the years I have reached out and made new contacts online and now have friends all over the world.”

One way of relieving such emotions is to turn outwards and to reach out and help other people in whatever way you can. This can be just to create space for a conversation, to offer advice or make suggestions. Over the years I have reached out and made new contacts online and now have friends all over the world. The Coronavirus did not stop this, in fact it highlighted the best practices I have used for the past ten years. Making an effort to be social online brings huge benefits. I talk regularly with women in Panama, Argentina, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, and the US. Now I have a mycelium style structure of human connections around the world. My peeps get me, push me, have space for me and know I am there to support them too. I may not have met all of these women to give them a physical hug yet they are my soul sistas. I am never alone.

Facebook is my preferred medium yet if you follow the information below, you can relate to all online platforms. It is the perfect way to make your own world wide web.

Accepting Friend Requests.

Only accept friend requests that you know are genuine. They may not be friends as such yet; they are friends of friends and you will have something in common. Connect with new people who have 50 or more friends in common to make sure they are going to be a great fit. Also, look and check that the profile is genuine with a variety of different styles of posts and that the last post was not three years ago. If there is no profile photo, even if you know it is a family member, DO NOT accept, it could be spam.

As soon as you accept a request, reach out and say hello You can use this paragraph if it helps.

“Hi xxxx, great to connect with you here, I see we have many friends in common, what made you reach out and want to connect?”

When you receive a reply, take a look at their profile, find something that you have in common and ask them about it. Start a conversation just as you would in real life.

At this point, your fingers may be getting tired of typing as the conversation flows, so take it to the next level. Ask them if they are willing to have a chat with you on messenger. Make the conversation animated and exciting. Ask them about themselves (people are not interested in you!!) Get intrigued. Keep the first call short and neutral. Always finish by making a promise to reconnect at a later date. Place the date in your diary and make sure you follow through.

If you find something that you think they will find interesting, an article or video for example, send it to them. Gradually over time you can get to know each other well, opening up new possibilities and connections, creating your own weblike structure.

Requesting Friends.

The protocol is very similar to above. The difference is that you reach out first. Make sure the person you want to connect to looks genuine, that you do not already have them as a friend (some accounts have been cloned). When your request is accepted, thank them using the phrase above.

The percentage of true engagement is extraordinarily small and it takes patience yet the rewards are worth the effort.”

Not everyone will be ‘friendly’ and it is up to you to make a choice whether you want to keep your newly accepted contact who may ignore your reach out, send you just thumbs up, or a GIF. The percentage of true engagement is extraordinarily small and it takes patience yet the rewards are worth the effort. Focus on the ones that genuinely want to connect, they are your tribe, your network. It takes time to build a relationship, it will not happen overnight. Just enjoy the process.


Beyond Covid.

As we move beyond Covid19 and the world becomes an even smaller place to live, connection is going to play an ever more important role. It is never too late to expand your network. Let me know how you get on and if you feel up to it, reach out and let’s begin a conversation.

P.S. If you would like to know more about fungi take a look here: https://fantasticfungi.com/


About the Author:

Kay is the founder of Midlife Strategies, an award-winning International Speaker, and enthusiastic author. She is an acknowledged expert guiding women to find their mojo, through the Midlife Squeeze.

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