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The Midlife Myth: Why It’s Actually Your Time to Shine

Beverley Glazer May 2023

Time To Reinvent: Beverley Glazer

I remember the moment like it was yesterday!

Something Was Missing:

I was knee-deep in the bustling hub of the back room of my art gallery, surrounded by boxes, when a girlfriend stopped by to say ‘Hi’. Elaine was a psychologist, and I was thinking how nice that she had a job that really helped people. As we chatted, I opened up about my unsettling feeling, that although I was doing the work that I loved, something was missing.

I was an Art Consultant, meeting and working with incredible Indigenous artists, and while I enjoyed commissioning art to corporations, the deeper social challenges within their communities tugged at my heartstrings, and I felt powerless. And then it struck me.

“A million reasons to bail on this idea flashed through my mind.”

Go back to school! 

But how could I? This was craziness! I have a business to run and teenage daughters to raise. I’d need to jump through hoops, from undergrad programs to grad school and internships. How old would I be by the end of it? A million reasons to bail on this idea flashed through my mind. But then, suddenly, it hit me. – No matter how old I’ll be when I got into the workplace, I would be old anyway. So, I took the leap of faith and did it.

Break The Midlife Myth – Reinvent:

Today, I’m a coach, counselor and a therapist and I’ve had the immense privilege of helping hundreds of people to change their lives and realize the dreams over the last 30 years. And looking back, I can only imagine how unfulfilled and regretful I would have been, had I not decided to take a risk, and reinvent myself in midlife. 

So, if you’re sitting there, wondering if it’s too late, or that life is passing you by, let me tell you why midlife is not just the perfect time, it’s the prime time to make changes:

You’ve got a wealth of life experience to draw from. By the time you’ve reached midlife, you’ve accumulated a vast wealth of experiences. You’ve navigated storms and celebrated victories. This will serve you in anything you choose to do.

“Don’t wait and ‘wish you did it’.”

You’re more resilient than you’ve ever been. Life has tested you in various ways, and guess what? You’re still standing!  You’ve built this resilience over the years, and it is now your superpower. Because of what you’ve been through, you will bounce back higher than ever before.

Listen To Your Heart:

You know yourself better than anyone Midlife brings a deeper understanding of yourself. This is an invaluable compass guiding you towards what will genuinely fulfill you in the future. Listen to your heart, not the midlife myth.

Health and vitality: In midlife, you still have the energy and strength to make changes and to achieve a life that you long for. But you never know what tomorrow brings. Don’t wait and ‘wish you did it’. There will never a better time than right now.   

Your dreams are worth pursuing, so don’t let anything stand in your way – not your age, not your income, not your education, nor the opinions of others.

Imagine the incredible sense of fulfillment you’ll experience when you discover that missing piece – that sense of purpose that brings everything into alignment. If you feel that something is missing but aren’t quite sure what it is, I encourage you to take the first step to action. The Life Perspective Inventory,  is a powerful tool designed to provide a quick snapshot of your life and guide you towards what’s missing.

Believe me when I say that the best is yet to come!

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About the Author:

Beverley Glazer MA., CCC., ICCAC, is a Psychotherapist, Internationally Certified Addiction Specialist, Coach and Founder of Reinvent Impossible Inc; a personal development company that educates, coaches, and empowers women who’ve experienced life transitions, that left them feeling powerless, to build on their strengths, create new possibilities and get the fresh start they long for.

After 30 years in private practice, helping people through traditional therapy, she turned her attention to coaching; supporting and creating programs for women in midlife and beyond, who’ve had an extreme wake-up call, to unlock their potential, get grounded and focused and carve a clear pathway to the future, with grace and ease.