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The Number One Life Lesson, Headache Not Included

the number one life lesson

Kim Muench, Becoming Me Thought Leader

One Tuesday morning in July of 2017, I awoke with a headache (not related to the Chardonnay I’d had the evening before).

I did what I always do, popped two ibuprofen and started my day.

“At this point, I was taking more than the daily 24-hour recommendation…”

Headache’s Not Getting Better:

The headache diminished some but didn’t go away entirely and I had moments of feeling feverish throughout the day. I popped two more at lunch, met clients in the afternoon, managed to finish the day. But that night I didn’t actually feel like drinking my usual glass of Chardonnay. I was tired, felt blech, and hoped a good night’s rest would cure whatever was ailing me.

After a fretful night’s sleep, I began the next day again with more ibuprofen. At this point, I was taking more than the daily 24-hour recommendation, but plugging on with my duties as a mom, wife, and burgeoning entrepreneur.

By day four (Friday) I finally decided I should probably call my doctor’s office and get in before the weekend. Things were not getting better. Over the counter meds were helpful at times but the headache was super intense and I wasn’t finding any real relief. The quality of my days was definitely affected.

“He decided it was time to do some bloodwork.”

Do Some Bloodwork:

Upon hearing my symptoms my doctor said, “It’s probably just a virus. Drink fluids, rest this weekend, I imagine you’ll feel better soon.”

My mom stopped by on Sunday and said, “Kim, you look awful, you need to go back to the doctor.” So, on Monday I called and he could see me at 5 o’clock.

By then I was barely eating, was still feverish on and off, and my head was killing me. He decided it was time to do some bloodwork. The next morning, he called me and said very calmly yet firmly, “You need to go to the hospital right now.” “Right now?”, I asked. “Yes, right now. Which one are you going to, I will meet you there?” 

I thought to myself, “Wow, it must be something really bad.” 

“Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for this and it usually runs about a 14-day course.”

Could This Be Meningitis?

This was Tuesday, at this time I was beyond able to drive and my husband was traveling. My teens could fend for themselves so I called my mom to take me.

After several tests and no one really having any answers, something popped into my brain and I asked, “Could this be meningitis?” The doctor said, “We’d have to do a spinal tap to know for sure.”

At that point I didn’t care what they did to me if it would give us some explanation and a game plan!

Turns out, I did have viral meningitis. I ended up in the hospital for several days for observation and rehydration. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for this and it usually runs about a 14-day course. I lost twenty pounds and have never been so ill in my life.

Lesson Learned With Headache:

The lesson I learned with that experience, and one I feel compelled to share with you today, is how important it is to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. I know I‘m not the only woman who ignores symptoms, pops ibuprofen like M&Ms, keeps going despite an ache or pain. 

“Ladies, don’t ignore your symptoms.”

Even when it’s pretty intense.

By the way, this is a recurring lesson. I recently started on TikTok and have had multiple people reach out to me via comment/dm/email stating concerns about the size of my thyroid. So, after a few weeks of ignoring it (some lessons take longer to learn than others…), I finally went to the doctor and am awaiting results for the bloodwork and ultrasound. 

Ladies, don’t ignore your symptoms, you are precious to more people than you realize and worth the investment in your physical or mental health. Make that appointment today!

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Kim Muench Becoming Me

About the Author:

Kim Muench (pronounced minch, like pinch with an “m”) is a Jai (rhymes with buy) Institute for Parenting Certified Conscious Parenting Coach who specializes in working with mothers of adolescents (ages 10+). Knowing moms are the emotional barometer in their families, Kim is passionate about educating, supporting and encouraging her clients to raise their children with intention and guidance rather than fear and control. Kim’s three plus decades parenting five children and years of coaching other parents empowers her to lead her clients into healthier, happier, more functional relationships with compassion and without judgment. 

You can find out more about her mission and services at www.reallifeparentguide.com. She is on Facebook at Real Life Parent Guide, Instagram, and on LinkedIn as well.