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The Power Of The Midlife Reinvention

Kavita Ahuja Images May 2022

It’s My Time Now: Kavita Ahuja

I remember waking up one Monday morning, alarm buzzing, and hitting the snooze button for the 5th time.

I crawled under my sheets, unable to muster the energy to even get out of bed. My head was heavy (probably from one too many glasses of red wine the night before). I couldn’t fathom getting up to the same work, the same routine, the same everything that I had been going to for the last 20+ years, in one form or another.

“This voice inside of me kept on gnawing at me, asking me, “is this it”?”

Is It My Time?

I was 51 years old, overweight, exhausted, irritable, and just a plain mess. This voice inside of me kept on gnawing at me, asking me, “is this it”? 

Do you ever hear that little voice?

Of course, I was going through menopause and all its treats. I was also going through something far more significant – which was a major transition in my life. 

I was embarrassed to admit this to anyone, especially my closest friends because they would have thought I was crazy. You see, I had, from the outside world, a seemingly “perfect” life. I had a very successful corporate career, being regarded as top in my field. I lived in a beautiful home, with an adoring husband and two accomplished, caring sons. And I had a supportive extended family and a group of friends who were like family to me. 

So why was I feeling like this? What was wrong with me? 

What’s Wrong With Me?

As I came to understand later, nothing was wrong with me. What I was feeling was normal and experienced by so many women at this stage in life. These feelings are buried but get triggered by events in our life – causing them to come to the forefront. In my case, it was realizing that the career I had been in for my whole adult life, was not my true passion. And that hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I could have continued in the same way and lived a life of “just ok”. But I decided that I wasn’t going to do that. I decided to throw back the covers and research why I was going through this, and how I was going to get out of it. If we decide to do something about our circumstances – or in my case – listen to that “little voice”, we are starting on the journey towards reinvention.

“I discovered that I most certainly was not the only woman going through this!”

Life’s Mission:

Over the next several years, through research and investigation and interviewing countless women, I discovered that I most certainly was not the only woman going through this! Yet, I was also astounded that very few people were talking about it.

I made it my life’s mission then to bring this topic to the forefront, and to guide other women through this process of reinvention. As one of my many amazing podcast guests, Rene Washington shared, “Start listening to the whispers. What has been suppressed, must be addressed!”

What Reinvention Means:

To many, reinvention may mean giving up everything and starting over again, and that can be daunting. That is not my definition of reinvention. It means taking what is already inside of you, and finally bringing that out into the world with confidence. As women in midlife, we have so many great skills, passions, experiences, talents, and traits from which to draw from.

“In fact, any transition in life is, “an incredible invitation to unlock the enormous potential that is resident within each of us””

Yet we are also scared to reveal what may be buried inside of us. It took me at least three years to leave that career because of these fears after that one Monday morning. But when I look back now – five years later – I am so glad that I did.

The midlife transitions we go through can be viewed as a “crisis” or an opportunity. In fact, any transition in life is, “an incredible invitation to unlock the enormous potential that is resident within each of us” (according to Harvard MBA and researcher, Linda Rossetti)

It’s My Time Now!

Transitions consist of a trigger, a decision, and action. We may have major triggering events in our lives, such as a job loss, divorce, health scare, or becoming empty nesters. The key is – when those triggering events happen – what decision do we make? To remain as we are or to do something about it? 

If we decide that we want to move forward, to reinvent ourselves and discover all the possibilities that lie ahead, then we can truly live fulfilled and happy lives. I began to tell myself then, and I continue to say it today – “It’s My Time Now!” This does not mean we are being selfish. It means we are finally taking the time to rediscover ourselves. 

I’ve created a process of midlife reinvention that worked for me, and which I know can work for you too. It’s my life’s mission now to help you figure out how to climb outside from those proverbial sheets. 

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About the Author:

Kavita Ahuja is a Certified Life Transitions & Core Energy Coach, dedicated to advancing the personal growth and inner power of women in midlife. She is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Power Purpose Play, a Global Platform that brings women together for learning & community. She is the Host and Visionary behind the successful Podcast, “The Midlife Reinvention”, a course creator and facilitator, an accomplished writer, and an expert on how to navigate midlife transitions.

At the age of 52, Kavita, who also holds a major in Biology and an MBA, left an extremely successful corporate pharmaceutical career of 25 years, took control of her health, her spirituality, her personal relationships, and found her next true calling.