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The Upside To Routines And Habits

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Joy Kuel Thought Leader: Nina Obier

Have you noticed that it gets harder to make decisions toward the end of the day?

“Routines are a great tool that simplify our lives and cut out a lot of our daily stress.”

You’re too tired to figure out what to have for dinner or what to watch on TV. That’s because we all have a finite amount of decisions that we can make in any given day. 

Knowing that helps us prioritize. We can cut out a lot of decision-making by implementing habits and routines. That way we save them for the important stuff. It also frees brain space for more creative and productive thinking. Routines are a great tool that simplify our lives and cut out a lot of our daily stress. 

Have A Morning Routine:

Chances are you already have a morning routine. You get up, you exercise, drink water, grab some coffee, read or maybe fix some breakfast before heading into the shower. Let’s expand on that. If you create a “uniform” for yourself, you don’t even have to think about what to wear. You just grab a pair of pants and a shirt, or a skirt, tights, and sweater and you’re off! 

Implement some routines into your workday wherever possible. Meal planning helps you figure out what meals to fix and eat. A cleaning schedule makes sure you stay on track with your household chores without you having to spend any valuable decision-making skills in the process. 

“Create daily to-do lists for yourself until you’ve established these new habits and routines.”

Wrap your day up with a bedtime routine that not only helps when you’re too tired to make smart choices, it also helps you fall asleep more easily. Come up with a few calming things that help you slow down and get ready for sleep. Read a book, listen to some music, or wind down with a cup of hot water. 


Sit down with a pen and piece of paper write out everything going on in your head aka braindump. Think about what parts of your day and week you can turn into routines. Create daily to-do lists for yourself until you’ve established these new habits and routines. 

Moreover, spending a little bit of time creating routines and habits will make your day run a lot smoother. You might just find yourself less stressed and get more done during your productive hours. And that’s a beautiful thing. It allows you to save plenty of decision making for the stuff that brings you joy!  

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Nina Obier

About the Author:

Nina is the acclaimed author of “Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” and “My Daily Clarity” In her keynotes, seminars, and workshops she brings her positive energy and a unique ability to make the complex simple. As Founder of Success Simplified, Nina’s mission is to provide action-oriented tools and strategies so that her audiences and clients gain the ability to remove doubt, discouragement, and distraction to replace it with clarity, confidence, and commitment. 

Nina is passionate about personal development and is known for having the wisdom of a 90-year-old with the energy of a 9 year old.