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Tips For Dealing With Overwhelm And Impostor Syndrome In Midlife

dealing with overwhelm

Ever feel like you’re drowning in a sea of tasks, with your to-do list crashing against your sanity like a giant wave?

Yeah, me too. Life’s like this big juggling act that makes us feel like we’re about to be exposed as frauds. Have you ever wondered why it seems like everyone else has it together while you’re stuck playing catch-up?

Dealing With Overwhelm:

Imagine you’re in a crowded room, and everyone else seems to breeze through their stuff. Meanwhile, you’re holding a to-do list that just keeps growing. The feeling of being a fraud creeps in, making you doubt if you’re really up for it. “Am I good enough? Can I handle the pressure? What if they find out I’m just making it up?” The overwhelming feeling sets in, and suddenly, being productive feels impossible.

“Trust me; you’re not the only one standing there, looking up at the mountain with a mix of determination and fear.”

Let’s pause and recognize what you’re going through. The struggle is real, my friend. It’s about more than just getting things done; it’s about feeling shaky and unsure if you can handle the growing challenges. If you’re thinking, “Yep, that’s me,” relax – you’re not alone in this whirlwind of self-doubt.

Think of it like this: you’ve got a ton of tasks staring you down, each demanding your attention. And there you are, wondering if you have what it takes to tackle them. It’s like standing at the base camp of productivity without the right gear. Sound familiar? Trust me; dealing with overwhelm is not a lonely sport. You’re not the only one standing there, looking up at the mountain with a mix of determination and fear.

Now, let’s shine a light on those thoughts you’ve been dealing with. You might think, “I can’t be the only one struggling like this.” Well, newsflash – you’re not. It’s normal to feel like you’re floundering when faced with a new chapter in life. The sea of uncertainty can be rough, and it’s okay to admit that you’re not sailing smoothly through it.

Starting A New Chapter:

So, here’s the deal. Cut yourself some slack. Acknowledge and understand those feelings of being overwhelmed and having impostor syndrome. You’re not a fake; you’re a trailblazer stepping into uncharted waters. Feeling lost is just part of the journey – a detour, not a dead end. The fact that you’re starting a new chapter, uncertain and a bit insecure, doesn’t make you any less capable.

Now, with a compassionate understanding of where you’re at, let’s make a promise. Productivity isn’t some exclusive club with a secret handshake – it’s a skill that can be learned, a muscle that can be strengthened. Together, we’ll navigate the maze, face the overwhelm and kick that impostor syndrome to the curb. This is your journey, and I’m here to guide you through the uncharted terrain with tips, tricks, and a whole lot of empathy.

“Productivity isn’t some exclusive club with a secret handshake..”

So, dear friend, are you ready to turn those feelings of insecurity into a powerhouse of productivity? If you are done dealing with overwhelm, ready to navigate the uncertain waters with confidence? Let’s start this adventure together. Get ready because we’re about to leave doubt behind and open a new chapter full of possibilities.

Let the journey begin. I would love it if you emailed me your best productivity hacks and how you deal with overwhelm. I have a list I love sharing with everyone. Let me add your best tips for others to benefit. See my bio below for my email and additional resources.

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Jule DeLucca-Collins

About the Author:

Julie DeLucca-Collins is the Founder and CEO of Go Confidently Services and the host of the popular Casa DeConfidence Podcast®. As a Business and Life Strategist Coach, Julie helps women business owners launch or grow their businesses, get clients, be productive, and achieve their dreams. Julie helps her clients create simple habits to achieve goals and change lives. Julie is also the best-selling author of the newly released book Confident You (simple habits to live the life you’ve imagined). She is certified as a CBT and Holistic Coach. This past summer, she was honored to complete her certification as a Tiny Habits Coach under Dr. BJ Fogg the founder of the Behavioral Lab at Stamford University and the author of the book Tiny Habits.

If you want to hear stories of other women on this journey to be and live more confidently, tune in to her podcast Casa DeConfidence. You can also reach out if you want to create new habits for your life. As a Certified Tiny Habits Coach, she is always excited to help audacious women become the CEO of their life and business through simple habits for success. If you want to see your top saboteurs, check out the quiz on Julie’s website. Taking this QUIZ will help you overcome procrastination and increase your confidence in life and business. 

Julie has a 21-day Peaceful You course on my podcast if you are unsure where to start. It is a 21-day short course to help you learn how to meditate. You can find that here.