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Tips To Getting And Affording The Look You Want

Aboveandbeblonde Coat Pic Cropped Kuel Life

AboveAndBeBlonde’s Karen Serino shared with her followers how to get a look without having to spend thousands of dollars. We, at Kuel Life, felt compelled to share her post with our KUEL Community.
Aimee Song’s, from Song of Style, ensemble inspired Karen to get creative in trying to imitate her look. This beautiful camel hair coat from Aimee’s Instagram transcends decades, looking fantastic on women from 20 to forever. At $750, it is a big ticket item for many of us. Karen put’s together an entire outfit for less for her followers.
Karen chooses a felt camel colored coat from H&M at a $51 price tag. She adds white snake boots, all the rage this season, from Zara that come in at $149. Aboveandbeblonde’s whole look, including jeans and handbag? – $585

I poked around H&M and Zara to see what was available to us KUEL women, if we too wanted this classic, yet edgy look. Here’s what I found:
H&M has a couple of great camel coat options for those of us who are a bit constrained on budget but unlimited in taste. These two are pretty great alternatives and neither will break the bank; coming in at about $80 and $60, perspectively.

I checked out Zara’s site to see what they currently had in the white snake boot offering and found these two. Each option offers a unique take on this season’s hot trend. From the 4.5 inch platform heel at $149 to the more reasonably heeled (2.4 inches) at about $90.

Inspiration can come from anywhere; and, is priceless. What we do with the inspiration is up to us. I am not, by any means, saying that the $750 camel hair coat is not stunning and worth every penny. But, if for whatever reason, it is not an option for us; well, there are plenty of other choices out there. And, at the end of the day, it’s our confidence and spirit that really brings our clothing alive. It’s clear that Karen Serino has plenty of both and it shines through in her fashion sense.

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