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To Gray Or Not To Gray?

Gail Scott May 2022

Gail Scott: Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader

By now, we have all seen the beautiful silver-stranded, gray haired women taking over social media.

“It is enough to make anyone seeing those shining strands show up forget their anxiety about going gray and embrace it.”

Gray Hair Looks Great:

They look AMAZING! These women have hair that is thick and luscious, a beautiful blend of salt and pepper shades, silver, or even white. The gray looks great with their skin tone. And seems to have lots of body, density, and all the things that make for a great head of hair. It is enough to make anyone seeing those shining strands show up forget their anxiety about going gray and embrace it.

Or what of those who have long been covering up those threads of wisdom? The mess, cost, and frustration of coloring are certainly reasons to reconsider. “The stress of making sure that my roots are covered before a special event and spending hours in a salon for a professional color job are so fun”, said no one. It’s enough to make anyone say “enough” and stop the insanity. And when you see all of these gorgeous gray-haired peers, the envy is real.

BUT. And It’s A Big But:

More To Consider With The Gray Hair Choice:

There is more to consider than “I’m tired of the cost and hassle” of coloring my hair. I have dabbled with the idea and didn’t make it more than 3/4 of an inch of growth before I ran to the beauty supply store for my beloved Dark Natural Brown, 3NN. My hair was flat as a pancake because you see, hair color, at best, slightly damages the hair. For some of us, that gives us a little boost at the roots.

“My hair also looked incredibly thin at the roots.”

My hair also looked incredibly thin at the roots. It has gotten sparse over the years, and my hair and my scalp both being white made me look bald as an eagle. I looked old. My foundation got on my gray and it looked dirty. My striking high contrast of dark hair and lighter skin tone was now out the window. I quickly decided that as much as I admired these brave women who have embraced their gray, I was not ready for it …yet.

Luscious Silver Locks:

You may have encountered the same challenges. Some women have graying hair that is slightly yellow. It can also be coarse and wiry. All of us will not have the luscious silver locks that we see on others. Also, you may still need upkeep with your gray. Some feel the need for a bluing rinse to keep away the yellow. Add to that, if and when you transition, you may need to revisit the makeup colors that you wear and your color choices in clothing. 

“In midlife, one of the things that we value most is FREEDOM..”

I considered lots of options to transition; highlighting my way there, going ahead and bleaching it all to white, which was met with a look of fright by my stylist, and trying to stick it out (not likely to happen). I chose to accept that this trend did not align with how I am feeling at 55, and how I want to look at this time, AND THAT IS OKAY. 

Going Gray Is Your Choice:

In midlife, one of the things that we value most is FREEDOM. In being our truest selves, in living and being as we choose is a fabulous gift. While going gray is great for those who want to, there is no shame in continuing to color, dye, highlight, chop off, or whatever choice you make. So, as Second Act Sisters, let’s affirm and celebrate women wherever they are in their journeys. That would be KUEL.

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail Scott is a 27 year veteran in the skin care and beauty industry, and loves helping women look their best. She specializes in really listening to her clients and teaching them how to get the look that they want, without wasting time, money, or products. Her interest in helping and mentoring women has lead her to a new adventure, MIDLIFE MOXIE, which is a community, lifestyle brand, and podcast all about women making this one of the best seasons of their lives.

She can be contacted at [email protected], and found on IG @gailsscott. The MIDLIFE MOXIE podcast is available on all of the major podcast platforms or at https://midlifemoxie.libsyn.com.