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To My Own Self Be True

Dolly Hertz January 2021 new

Lifestyle Kuel Life Contributor: Dolly Hertz

Welcome to the time of year for recaps and reflection.

Those holiday letters recounting your friends’ accomplishments. Media montages of soundbites and clips. Memories of milestones in our personal lives. And for me, in 2020, my wrap-up features an affirmation of my value system as it relates to my business.

As I’ve worked my way up in real estate, I’ve been impressed by other brokers’ achievements. I’ve admired the big-name players and aspired to reach their heights. I follow their announcements of production numbers and awards received.

What Does The Client Care About?

What I often wonder is, how does this resonate with a potential buyer or seller? Do these declarations instill confidence? A desire to know more?

My son-in-law, one of the smartest people I know, told me that he throws away the many real estate announcement cards that arrive in his mailbox in Manhattan. He’s not interested in knowing about the biggest team or how much money they made. I listen to him because I know he couldn’t possibly be alone in feeling this way.

My Due Diligence:

“They got the glitz but ultimately no sale”

Recently, I fielded a call from a Manhattan broker inquiring about one of my listings. I soon learned that his team has 30 active listings and that 15 of them are his. Curious, I asked him to tell me more — and the oddest thing occurred: He couldn’t recall the addresses or the apartment numbers of his listings. He said the prices were all too high anyway but that’s how he convinces sellers to sign with him. Promising the big money. He didn’t remember details on the properties because well, the phone wasn’t ringing and he wasn’t showing. But his team has 30 listings and he’s the head of the team!

In addition to the seduction of promising sky-high revenue, there is also the lure of glitz and glamour. I lost a listing this year to a competitor because the sellers saw him on a real estate TV program. They got the glitz but ultimately no sale.

Which brings me to the all-important question: How do you choose your broker? The one whose face you see on television? The one who promises the big price but doesn’t deliver? Or, the one who tells it like it is and sells your property even during Covid?

What’s your personal recap for this most unusual year? Perhaps many of you feel as I do: grateful for surviving, compassionate toward those who suffered, pleasantly surprised by the generosity of spirit and support from unexpected corners.

“What’s your personal recap for this most unusual year?”

I Am More Sure Than Ever:

My recap is that my personal conduct in business has been reinforced — not by aspiring to be more like the big-name brokers, but by continuing to be me. I derive tremendous satisfaction from knowing that my dealings have been honest at every turn. And while my trajectory may have been slower than others’, I have no regrets about the quality of service I provide.

I discovered some remarkable connections and new relationships of mutual trust and respect this year. As a result, my sellers and buyers consummated some excellent deals. Not my deals, their deals. Their best interests always come first.

About the Author:

Dolly Hertz is a real estate broker in NYC, an empty-nester, a mom and a grandma. She is a single woman of a certain age, trying to live her best life humbly and authentically. Her greatest pleasure is to be of service wherever possible. You can follow Dolly on Instagram; connect with her on LinkedIn and check-out her real estate website Engel & Volkers