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Toned in 20 Thursday – Single Leg Plank Finished


Want to challenge your ABs and upper body strength that little bit more? Try the single leg walk out plank.


  1. Start with your feet hip width apart.
  2. Move your right foot in, to the mid-line of your body and place it there.
  3. Breathe in and see-saw forward from the hips – lifting your left leg behind you.
  4. Finger tips to the ground.
  5. Point your left toe to switch on that glute (butt) muscle.
  6. Walk out with control, middle fingers pointing forward, until your shoulders are over your wrists.
  7. Try not to sink into your shoulder blades here. Have the feeling that you are pulling the floor apart between your hands – to help widen your back.
  8. Your left leg should be hovering above the ground.
  9. Breathe out, draw in on your belly button and lift your left leg, straight, strong, and high behind you as you walk back, middle fingers pointing forward.
  10. Repeat 5-6x on each leg.

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