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Toned in 20 Thursday – Sit Back For That Squat

Elaine Reynolds 031220

Sit Your Butt Back!

A simple but super effective cue for yourself when you squat is:
“Imagine you’re about to sit back onto the loo”.

Yes it may sound a bit ‘wrong’ BUT if you cue yourself with this – you’ll always get the action right!

Training Tip:
Look diagonally down at the ground as you squat.
Never look up at the ceiling as this puts your neck in a compromising position. And will just end up aggravating your neck and shoulders.
You want to keep your neck and back in a nice straight line.

Video yourself! Or get someone to take a photo of you when you squat. It’s invaluable info for you to get your body in the right position!

And Breathe! Breathe in on the way down and out on the way up!

Happy Squatting!

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