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Toned In Twenty Thursday – The Push-Up


10 sec Hold, Hold, Hold!.

Need to fire up your push-ups but not ready to go to a full push up?

Try doing 6 pushups then dropping halfway and holding for 10 secs. After your hold – GO STRAIGHT DOWN – then push back up and do another 6 pushups.

This’ll get those arm and chest muscles fired up.

Training Tip:
Always make sure your chest is in line with your hands when you come down into your pushup.
AND have the feeling you’re gently pulling the floor apart between your hands throughout this exercise.
This helps to keep your shoulder blades wide – and stops you sinking into your upper back!

Happy pushing!

Don’t forget, it’s okay to start small. And if you want additional resources they are available to you. Get your Toned in 20 Program directly to your inbox. You can subscribe to her AB Strong & Body Fit In 20 – Online Home Workout Program – right here in the Kuel Shop.

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