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Travel in Style: Finding the perfect carry-on

I’ve been traveling a long time and am always in search of the perfect carry on. My perfect carry on? One that doesn’t weigh 10 pounds even before I’ve put anything in it! Has just enough pockets that I can separate items and yet not so many pockets that I spend a solid 5 minutes trying to find an item because I have so many pockets to look in. And zippers. I need at least a couple of zip pockets to keep the important items in place. What else makes for a great bag, a wide shoulder strap so it does not dig into your shoulder once you’ve loaded it down with book, water, food, travel docs, extra sweater, etc. And stain proof, recently I was on a plane where obviously a small child had proceeded me… picked up my bag to find candy stuck to it and mud. Where was that child walking prior to departure? And at least somewhat stylish, as I do want to look good too. What do you look for in a bag?